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[VIP] Super Easy Newbie Friendly Porn Money Method (still working year 2016)
You must be 18+ in order to use this adult money method but even a 12 years old kid desperate in money making can try this. Wink
If you do not want this kind of method, then do not use this. Smile

For all you adult marketers out there !!! I've got a little twist to
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. (It's not even his method btw. but who gives a sh*t Big Grin )

1. Create Xvideos female account with a nickname like "sexymichelle95" Big Grin
2. Upload a nice profile photo (
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3. Upload a few camgirl videos.
4. Complete your profile (Gender, Age, City, Drinking, Smoking, Body) etc. u get the idea.
5.In the "About me" tab write something like "Hello guys, you can watch my cam show on LINK"
6. Here comes the traffic part ... How the hell DO I get people to send me friend requests ?
7. You see this ? Almost 20 MILLION profiles ... click on "Men"

[Image: RmBB7SQ.jpg]

8. Search for people in USA or England or Bangladesh or China or India or ...
Man seeking woman and country USA.

[Image: oAiDT9o.jpg]

9. You'll get a LOOOOOOOOT of profiles. Simply start sending them friend requests.
10. Once you have over 500 friends, you'll start getting new and new friend requests each day (Currently I receive over 500 friend requests each day with only 1 profile).
11. Once you reach 2000 friends or more, you simply go to:
My Account ->My Photos-> Manage my Albums -> Create a new Album.
12. Name it something like "Watch my camshow" and upload a photo of a hot girl with your domain name in the picture, using Photoshop or Paint or whatever.
13. Add porn related tags.
14. Almost all of your 2k friends will see the photo, by clicking on the "My subs" tab. / This tab is something like the facebook wall Rolleyes
15. PROFITSmile
You can also use this method to get more views on your videos etc... be creative Smile

Works also with Pornhub and other porn websites. Dating websites are a little bit strict about links etc. but this method works absolutely fine on xvideos and pornhub.

Credit goes to my friend Neonskull for adding a twist on this previous porn method here:
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