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anything on this list of interest to SUPERVIPS?
I haven't checked if any of this is already available...

2011 Social Media Success Summit
5 Million Xrumer Link List
Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker
Adult Site CMS 3.1 Latest
Advance Persuasion Skills
Advanced Linkbuilding Seminar - Distilled.net - New Orleans 2011
Amazon Treasure Chest
Andrea Rains Waggener - Novel Writing Made Easy
Andy Jenkins - Video Boss 2 Pre-launch Videos
AppSumo - Blogging for Startups Action Video
Appsumo - The Lean Startup - Action Video
Ayn Rand Institute - Capitalism or Socialism
Becker - CPA Exam Review 2011
Brad Callen - Search Marketing Elite - SME Lessons
Brian Tracy - The Art of Closing the Sale
Business Today - 12 June 2011
Business-in-a-Boxâ„¢ Pro 2010 Update
Bye Bye Big Brother - Kindle Edition
Cardrunners May 11 update 34 videos
CBT Nuggets - Beginning Web Development
Chad Kimball - Live Black Hat Course
Chris Lori - Essential Qualities
Chris Payne - Effort Free Life System
Colin Barrow - Get Backed, Get Big, Get Bought
Commanding Heights The Battle for the World Economy - Documentary
Corporate Finance
Cris Chico - VA Training
Debra Berndt - Money Attraction Freedom Hypnosis Set
Deucescracked May 16-31 2011
Douglas Cumming - Venture Capital and Private Equity Contracting
Dr John F Demartini - Adding Life To Your Years And Years To Your Life
Dr John F Demartini - I gave up happiness it made me too sad
Dr John F Demartini - The Riches Within
Dr John F Demartini - The Wealth Multiplier Effect
Dr John F Demartini - Values System Webinar
Eben Pagan - Turning Your Talent Into Income
eConsultancy 2011 Reports pt. 2
Econsultancy Reports
Elegantthemes.com - FeatherTheme Wordpress Theme
Fast Attack Traffic
FB Collection
Forum Bot
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Franks Pre Launch Shit
Gary Halbert - Electronic Marketing Summit - 1994
Get Up and Do It! Essential Steps to Achieve Your Goals
Graphics Authority Wedding Design Templates DVD
Greg Habstritt - The Authority Formula
Greg McDermott - Options University FX Options Trading Course - Class 3 and 4
Hooked on Overages by Rick Dawson
Jason Fladlien and Will Mattos - Webinar Legend
Jay Barney - What I Didnt Learn in Business School
Jerome Chapman, Chris Fox, Mike Merz Jr - ClickBank Predator Tutorials
Jimmy D. Brown - Traffic F.U.E.L. Lesson 1
Joe Karbo - The Lazy Man's Way to Riches v3
John Bogle - Enough True Measures of Money, Business, and Life
John Palmieri - Info-Product Creation
John S Rhodes PLR PLATINUM Bonus
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John Summa - SURROGATE Covered Call Writing
Jon Acuff - Quitter - Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job
Jordan Belfort - Public Relations
Jordan Belfort - Straight Line Persuasion System
Jordan Belfort - The inner game of wealth creation
Kate Anderson - Business Booster Design
Kate Anderson - CopyDazzle
Kelby Training - Photography Paperwork - Avoiding Business Mistakes Reznicki and Greenberg
Kenrick Cleveland Dark Side 2 Webinar
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Kinder-Reese Rock Star Real Estate
Kiplinger Personal Finance 2010 Full
Kolakube Thesis Wordpress Themes
Leggopoker May'11 Update - Video From April
Lullabot Drupal Performance and Scalability
Lynda - Screencasting with the Mac
Lynda.com - Google AdWords Essential Training
Lynda.com - Peter Kent - Analyzing Your Web Site to Improve SEO
Lynda.com - WordPress 3 - Building Child Themes
Magic Submitter 142
Matthew Neer-Digital Bankroll
Michael Dunlop - Site Profit Domination
Mobile Marketing 101
Mobile Marketing PLR Article Pack
Money Today - June 2011
Nadine Jams - Affiliate Cash Clone with Bonuses
New Google Analytics for iOS - Android - Google Analytics part 2
Nick Reese - Traffic and Trust
Nick Unsworth, Mike Koenigs, Peter Heffring etc - Facebook Mastery Summit
Offline Cash Blueprints
Options University - Trading Forex Exchange Technical Analysis
OSP Newsletter June 2011
Oxford Business English - Express Series
Part II
Paul Johnson - Paul's Quality Backlinks - July 2011
Paul Lemberg - Be Unreasonable - ebook PDF
Paul Scheele - Million Dollar Vocabulary
Paulie Ciara - Paulie Ciara's HUGE Collection of Packet Backlinks - 54 PDFs
Peggy Baron - PowerBlogs
Perry Mark - How To Start A Hot Dog Cart Business
Peter Miller - The Smart Swarm
Phil Henderson - Simple WP4FB Pages
Pokerstrategy.com - Diamond Videos 1.4.11-30.6.11
Pokerstrategy.com All FLHE videos by ByronJacobs until 02 July 2011
Private Label Blowout
Private Niche Empire
PSD Blowout Addon
Risk management Matrix and fear of failure
Ritoban Chakrabarti - Income Instruments
Robert Greene - The 33 Strategies of WAR
Roger D - SMS Local Supremacy
Russell Brunson - Underachiever Secrets
Scott Hallman - Small Business Growth Club
SE Conquest
SEnuke X v.1.0.49 Software
SEO PowerSuite Professional Edition Version 4.3.2
SEOMoz Pro Webinars Dec 2010 - May 2011
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Seth Godin's Road Trip
Shane Melaugh - Focus and Action
Shane Melaugh - WSO Cash Blueprint
Speak to Sell
Speak To Sell Bootcamp - MP3
The Economist - 25th June-1st July 2011 - 101 AudioBooks
The Economist - 4th June-10th June 2011 - AudioBook
The Economist June 18th - June 24th, 2011
Traffic Thief Webinar
TTC - Arthur Benjamin - Secrets of Mental Math
TTC - Discrete Mathmatics - DVD
TTC - Effective Communication Skills 2011
TTC - Richard Restak - Optimizing the Brain
TV - Business Startup
Tweet Adder 3.0 - Full Working Software
Tyronne Shum - Outsourcing Live
Upsell Monster - John Rhodes
WordPress Like Locker Pro
WPMU DEV - Premium Plugins and Themes for WP
WSO - AlanB - Never Ending Income Flow
WSO - AlexSafie - Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer 2.0
WSO - Ali Anjamparuthi - Instant Facebook Video Sites
WSO - Allen007 - CPA Storm - Make 1k a day
WSO - Amr Miqdadi - Killer Traffic Generation Tactics
WSO - Areevez - 7 Deadly Streams of CPA Income
WSO - Avery Berman - The RIFOU Method
WSO - Benjamin Ng - Exact Match Domain Victory
WSO - Bill Guthrie - Trigger Happy Buyers Guide
WSO - Brad Edwards - Offline Monkey Flip
WSO - Brad Gosse - WSO Case Study #2 - $794 in 48 hours
WSO - Brucerby - Power Dollars Offline
WSO - Charles Montgomery - G-Spot Conspiracy
WSO - Chris Ramsey - Video SEO Business Blueprint
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WSO - Chris Ramsey and Colin Dodgson - On Page SEO Secret Sauce Formula
WSO - Chris Rivers - Ultimate Offline Marketer Credibility Booster
WSO - Damongreene - Offline Marketing Takeover and Wordpress Madness
WSO - Damongreene - Reverse Cold Calling Secrets
WSO - Daredevil Marketing - 4 Hour Product
WSO - David Cisneros - The Facebook Content Solution
WSO - Dean Holland - The Instant Commission Blueprint
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WSO - Desmond Ong - Auto Cash Hijack
WSO - Dirty Bum Marketing 3 Advanced Lessons
WSO - Dr. Ben Adkins - Real Life Like
WSO - elyshemer - AlertPay Button Generator
WSO - Elysia Brooker - 50 High Conversion Electronics Keywords
WSO - Erica Stone - Extreme Review - $10k a Month from Amazon
WSO - Fuad Tolieb - Article Mafia
WSO - Furhan Yacub - Profits Overload
WSO - GetMoreTraffic - List Accelerator
WSO - GoGetta - Offline Fiverr Arbitrage
WSO - It Should Be Easy - Social Easy Share
WSO - Jackson Soo - Weight Loss Keyword List Pack
WSO - James Renouf - The Groupon Factor
WSO - Jason Keith - The Ultimate Link Building Blackbook
WSO - Jay B - Warrior + Plus Treasuremap
WSO - Jay Boyer - Kindle Sales Krusher
WSO - Jay Boyer - Offline CPA Cash Explosion
WSO - Jay284 - Fiverr Offline Outsourcing Insanity
WSO - Jaye Stovall and Tina Falasca - Instant Offline Expert
WSO - Jeff Alderson - How To Consistently Make Money Online! No Tricks Or Gimmicks
WSO - Jeff Alderson and Charles Kirkland - SEO Equalizer
WSO - JoeMbulu - Dominate Top 10 of Google in 24 - 72 hours
WSO - John Rhodes - Massive Instant Traffic
WSO - John S. Rhodes - Ultimate Business Card
WSO - Ken Sar - How to Develop WordPress Plugins
WSO - Kevin Rogers - Sales Grease
WSO - Lester Lim - Insane Social Traffic
WSO - linkwhizz - Total Niche Takeover [$810 per week]
WSO - Mark Thompson - List Building Debunked V1
WSO - Matthew W. Rhodes - Instant Mobile Marketing Guru Toolkit
WSO - Mike Cowles - Keith Doughery - Instant Guru
WSO - Millard Grubb and Sam Bakker - Offline Shortcut System
WSO - nathantk - Automatic Bonus Delivery Plugin
WSO - Nicholasb - $1000 a month per site, 7 hours per site
WSO - Nick Lotter - The Simple Affiliate Marketing Checklist
WSO - Partyhat - The Submachine Method
WSO - Paul Clifford - Press Release Power
WSO - PixelCrafter - GraphicTsunami
WSO - PPC-Coach - Media Buying Guidebook
WSO - Prophetmktg - Million Dollar Deal Making - Broke To - OVER $25 MILLION - In 1 Year
WSO - Rachel Rofe - Case study How my WSO earned $10,849.90 in 26 days
WSO - Richard Wright - Dialing For Dollars
WSO - Roxie - Good Karma Marketing
WSO - Ryan Hotaling - Mobile Monetization Toolkit
WSO - Sam England and Bill Platt - Offline Consulting Goldmine
WSO - SaSeoPete - Adsense Strategy
WSO - Sean Mize - Ascension Marketing Model
WSO - Simple Spencer - Get $197 Checks - 60 Minutes Per Check
WSO - Social Traffic Lab - Kevinhdavis - New Facebook App Makes Adding Coupon Offers Stupidly Simple
WSO - Stevie Dempsey - $6,391 In Just 24 Hrs Without Doing Any Work
WSO - Stewart Alexander - Mobile Cash Accelerator V2.0
WSO - ThereIsAlwaysHOPE - SEO Undercover
WSO - Thirty3Down - The Devil Wears Fiverr
WSO - Tim Castleman - Instant Offline Websites
WSO - Tony Marriott - 20 Minute Blogs
WSO - Tony Marriott - Keyword Competition Crusher
WSO - Travis Petelle - Stealth List Building
WSO - VVanbooven - Local Place Profits
WSO - Yesmedia - Auto Blog Riches
WSO - Zane Miller - Youtube List Geyser
WSO - Zedbiz - How To Facebook PLR
WSO 398214 - Mark Lyford - Membership Millionaire
WSO GB May - create fb games in 15mins
WSO GB May - lucrative niche websites
XRumer Explosion
Your Mission In Commission
101 Best Tech Resumes.pdf
A.J. Frost, Robert R. Prechter - Elliott Wave Principle - Key To Market Behavior.pdf
Amanda Hackwith - Freelance Confidential.pdf
Andy Jenkins - The Video Boss Boss-a-thon Day 1.mp4
Anthony Artis - The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide.pdf
Anthony Robbins - Fortune Management Seminar Notes.pdf
Argentina's Economic Collapse.FLV
Asias Recovery and Macroeconomic Policy Challenges.mp4
Aswath Damodaran - Applied Corporate Finance.pdf
AZARDI Release 2 eBook Editor.exe
Barclays Capital economic research - Global Outlook - June 2011.pdf
Baruch Englard - Schaum's Outline of Intermediate Accounting I Second Edition.pdf
Baruch Englard - Schaum's Outline of Intermediate Accounting II Second Edition.pdf
BBC Knowledge - July- August 2011.pdf
BIG BUCKS, BIG PHARMA Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs - Documentary.flv
Bill Sanders - Smashing HTML5.pdf
Bloomberg Markets Magazine 2011-07.pdf
Breaking Vegas Dice Dominator.mp4
Cambridge University Press - Business Benchmark Advanced Student's Book.pdf
Canadian Business - Summer 2011.pdf
Charles Ferguson - Inside Job.mkv
DailyVariance - The Inner Circle - June 2011.pdf
Dan Auito - Little Giant 10 Game Changing Strategies for Small Business Owners.pdf
Dan Volitich - IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence - The Official Guide.pdf
David Cotton - Market Leader - Elementary - Course Book.pdf
David Rock - Your Brain at Work.epub
David S. Moore, George P. McCabe, William M. Duckworth, Layth Alwan - The Practice of Business Statistics 2nd Edition.pdf
David Sington - The Flaw.mp3
Debtocracy - Documentary.flv
Dimitris Chorafas - Introduction to Derivative Financial Instruments.pdf
Disciplined Dreaming.pdf
Disruptive Innovation for Brands.FLV
Donald E. Kieso , Jerry J. Weygandt , Terry D. Warfield - Intermediate Accounting.pdf
Doug Lennick, Fred Kiel - Moral Intelligence 2.0 Enhancing Business Performance.pdf
Douglas Lind, William Marchal, Samuel Wathen - Basic Statistics for Business and Economics.pdf
Dr Peter Orszag - Health Care Reform in the US.mp3
Entrepreneur - July 2011.pdf
Eric Rosengren - Defining Financial Stability.mp4
Fast Company - June 2011 .pdf
Fiona Scott, Claus-Peter Martens - International Project Finance International Business Law.pdf
Frost The Bank Analyst's Handbook.pdf
Gary Dorsey - Silicon Sky - How One Small Start-Up Went Over the Top to Beat the Big Boys Into Satellite Heaven.pdf
Greg N. Gregoriou - Emerging Markets Performance, Analysis and Innovation.pdf
Harvard Business Review 2011-07-08.pdf
Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Kate Steinbuhler - e-Business and e-Commerce for Managers.pdf
Hennie van Greuning, Darrel Scott, Simonet Terblanche - International Financial Reporting Standards - A Practical Guide - World Bank Training Series.pdf
Herb Cohen - You Can Negotiate Anything.pdf
How the banks never lose.flv
How the Banks Won - Documentary.flv
I Business - July 2011.pdf
Identifying Hidden Needs.pdf
In Debt We Trust - Documentary.flv
Inc Magazine - June 2011.pdf
Inc. JIST Works - America's Top 300 Jobs - A Complete Career Handbook.pdf
Instant Gratification Behavioral Economics and Public Policy.mp4
Investment Banking Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers and Acquisitions by Joshua Rosenbaum, Joshua Pearl and Joseph R. Perella.pdf
James T. McClave, P. George Benson, Terry L. Sincich - A First Course In Business Statistics (8th Edition).pdf
Jason Fladlien and Will Mattos - WP Webinar Pro Beta.zip
Jean-Claude Trichet - The euro, its central bank and economic governance.mp3
Jeff Carlisi, Dan Lipson - Jam! Amp Your Team, Rock Your Business.pdf
Jerry Gilley, Scott Quatro - The Manager as Change Agent - A Practical Guide to Developing High-Performance People and Organizations.pdf
John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge - The Company - A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea.pdf
John Reese and Trey Smith - Iphone Secrets Webinar.mov
Ken McCarthy - Advanced Copywriting Seminar.pdf
Kevin Hogan-The Science of Influence~How to Get Anyone to Say Yes in 8 Minutes or Less!.2ndEd.9780470880692.pdf
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance - July 2011.pdf
Kung - A Global Ethic for Global Politics and Economics 1998.pdf
L. McMillan - The Option Strategist Newsletter - June 9th, 2011.pdf
Linda Tsao Yang - Secret to Effective Management.mp4
Linescrew An Inconvenient Death Documentary Movie 305.mp4
Ludwig B Chincarini, Daehwan Kim - Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management - An Active Approach to Portfolio Construction and Management.pdf
Lyn Fraser, Aileen Ormiston - Understanding Financial Statements.pdf
Maloney M. - Rich Dads Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.prc
Map PI -Patch.exe
Marketing - July 2011.pdf
Marketing Funnel Mastery - Class 1.mp4
MarketingSherpa - 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report.pdf
MarketingSherpa - 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report - SEO Edition.pdf
Marty Rozmanith Laura Betterly Wordpress Direct Best Practices and 66% Gold Discount.mov
Maxwell Sackhem's Billion Dollar Copywriting Course.pdf
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Flow The Psychology of Optimal Experience.pdf
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Good Business.pdf
Mike and Troy - Feeding The Panda.pdf
More Money Than God Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite by Sebastian Mallaby.pdf
Notes from Wealth Multiplier Effect .pdf
Outlook Business - June 25, 2011.pdf
Overdose - The next financial crisis.FLV
Payments Cards and Mobile - Magazine May June 2011.pdf
Peter Bevelin - Seeking Wisdom - From Darwin to Munger.pdf
Professor Abhijit Banerjee, Professor Esther Duflo - Poor Economics.mp3
Rapid Rewriter.exe
Richard E. Westney - The Engineer's Cost Handbook - Tools for Managing Project Costs.pdf
Robert Kiyosaki - Unfair Advantage.epub
Robin Leonard and Ralph Warner - 101 Law Forms for Personal Use.pdf
Russell H. Granger - The 7 triggers to yes - The new science behind influencing people's decisions.pdf
Russell Sanjek - American Popular Music and its Business - Volume III From 1909 to 1984.pdf
Russell Sanjek - American Popular Music and Its Business - The First Four Hundred Years Volume II From 1790 to 1909.pdf
Secret History of the Credit Card.FLV
Sheena Iyengar on Overwhelming Consumer Choice.FLV
Smart Money 2011-06.pdf
Smart Money 2011-07.pdf
Soros - Open Society; Reforming Global Capitalism 2000.pdf
Stan Richards, David Culp - The Peaceable Kingdom - Building a company without factionalism, fiefdoms, fear, and other staples of modern business.pdf
Stephen King - On Writing.pdf
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Terry Stanley - The Vending Business.pdf
The Best Secrets of Great Small Businesses.pdf
The Handbook of Financing Growth Strategies, Capital Structure, and M&A Transactions - Wiley Finance by Kenneth H. Marks.pdf
The Investment Answer - By Daniel C. Goldie, Gordon S. Murray.pdf
The Money Fix - Documentary.flv
The Motley Fool - 13 High-Yielding Stocks.pdf
The New Rulers of the World.FLV
Thomas J Sargent - Uncertainty and Ambiguity in American Fiscal and Monetary Policies.mp3
Tibor R. Machan - The Morality of Business - A Profession for Human Wealthcare.pdf
Tim Moore, Carol Davis, Allan Gould - You Don't Need an MBA to Make Millions - Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur.pdf
Timothy Biehler - The Mathematics of Money Math for Business and Personal Finance.pdf
Trading Against the Crowd - Profiting from Fear and Greed in Stock Futures and Options Markets.pdf
Trading and Adjusting Butterfly Trades.wmv
Trading Ideas in Volatile Markets.wmv
Transworld Business - June 2011.pdf
Unlock Your Inner Wealth Genius.m4v
Vault Guide to Internships 2010.pdf
Walmart - High Cost Of Low Price.avi
Wayne F Cascio, Herman Aguinis - Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management (6th Edition).pdf
We feed the world - Documentary.flv
William Brueggeman and Jeffrey Fisher - Real Estate Finance and Investments - 13th Edition.pdf
WSO - 2GRANN - Rapid Fast Backlinks.pdf
WSO - Adam Jackson - Push Button Gigs v2.pdf
WSO - Bill Guthrie - WSO Cash Quadrant.pdf
WSO - Celente - Quickie Guide to $300 a day online.pdf
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WSO - Chris Munch - Keyword Needle.pdf
WSO - Creck01 - Mobile Fight Club.pdf
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WSO - DanTheSeoGuy - Massive Profits Formula.pdf
WSO - Gotti3636 - Auto Profit Pirates.pdf
WSO - HowieM - CPA Overload.pdf
WSO - John Rock - Rusty1212 - Fiverr Money.pdf
WSO - Lee Dobbins - 12 Step Guide To Finding Hot Niches And Profitable Keywords.pdf
WSO - LiquidSEO - Offline Consulting Bing Business Portal Cheat Sheet ver 1.pdf
WSO - Lucas Adamski - Offline Attractor.pdf
WSO - Macchiavelli - The Full Brain Method.pdf
WSO - MervikHaums - Adsense Insider Secret.pdf
WSO - O0o0O - Quick Cash Cookbook.pdf
WSO - Pianorosa - Fast Cash 2011.pdf
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WSO - Tony Marriott - Google Pirate.pdf
WSO - VeronicaD - Panda my Ass Linkbuilding.pdf
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Xrumer 5.09 Palladium most features Working.rar
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I appreciate your post; Thanks

Great post; I've been looking for some of these course for months, much appreciate!

Thanks for the share
Great job, Thanks for the post
This is great work which will benefit all the members, Thanks for your efforts
This is great work which will benefit all the members, Thanks for your efforts
hello. money transaction is very useful to the peoples. no problems to the transaction.

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