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Working Method: $XXX a day, easily scaleable - DO NOT SHARE
Quote:I'm going to keep this short because I need to go to bed. But you can ask questions and I'll do my best to answer when I have time.

1)Get into a CPA network that has a "MySurvey" offer. They have a really official lead page. (I use MaxBounty)

2) Set up a job application page like seen in this video using the code below:
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3) Use this iframe code to set up the website:
4) Cloak the affiliate link using Referer.us

5) Add in this code right before the </body> tag so when they hit submit, it redirects them:

<script type='text/javascript'>
var k=1;
function frame()

You can adjust K. K is how many times the frame has loaded. Once the frame is loaded that many times, it redirects.

6. Create a Thank you page as seen in the video, and insert in the correct spot for the script.

7. Promote via Craigslist marketing / etc. section using titles like,Using some sort of body

Hey all,

Insider Info Marketing Research Inc. is hiring 120 new employees for   part time work for our new location in Lakeland. Work involves   participating in group studies, answering questions in regards to   popular products, your feelings toward certain products, participating   in group sessions, and basic research duties. No prior experience is   required. Pay is hourly. We DO and CAN train. Please apply online at:  
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Basically, what this is is it looks like an actual job application. You direct people from job sites like monster.com, craigslist.org, or other hiring sites to this link to fill out an application online. Then, once they fill it out and hit submit, it redirects them to the thank you page giving them further instructions, instead of to the next page in the iframe. Check out the example:
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You can use this with other offers obviously, just be creative. The pay is $3.40 a lead Also, Always use a domain with whois privacy, and always post from fake IPs. This is a gray area, and could be dangerous.

Always +thanks and +rep for shared content.

EDIT: I can only get the above codes to work in firefox and IE explorer. Some other more experienced coders might be able to fix and trim the code to get it to work in all browsers. obviously, if it doesn't work in all browsers you lose conversions. If anyone knows how to fix it, feel free to share.

Edit:::: Removed revenue proof image to prevent getting banned on MB and added video

EDIT: Added Instructional Video Instead

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