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Quote:[Image: KC-Recalibration-Complete.jpg]
Keyword Competitiveness Recalibration Complete!
Well, here it is folks. The moment you've been waiting for.

The short story, for those of you who aren't terribly interested in the details, is that the complete recalibration of the new Keyword Competitiveness score that uses Majestic data is now complete. When we rolled out the Majestic changes, we noticed that the KC scores were a little higher across the board, and we wrote this post detailing new recommended KC targets while we worked on recalibrating KC scores to align more with what everybody was used to.

This recalibration has now been completed, and those of you who've been with us a while and who are used to seeing the chart below can now go back to using that as the guideline for what keywords to target (i.e, KC 30 and under is low competition).

[Image: keyword-competitiveness.jpg]

The more detailed takeaway here is that while the overall competition scale is the same between the newly recalibrated KC and the old Moz KC, the exact KC scores of the Moz and Majestic versions aren't going to line up precisely.

A lot of the differences can be attributed to the fact that Majestic simply has a lot more indexed pages and backlink data than Moz. This means that for some sites, especially smaller ones, Moz may not pick up all the links that the domain or page have pointed toward it, or it may be missing data completely. As a result, the Moz metrics will sometimes underestimate the strength of those results.
more here
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If you're seeing ranges instead, like:
Here's the fix:
Step 1. Get an MCC account:
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Step 2. Create an AdWords account via MCC, or link an existing one
Step 3. Access keyword planner via MCC



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