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foo's Make 100$ a day [Hijacking Squidoo lenses]
This is an emergency cash method so please don't share this outside this community. [Image: cool.gif]

Hi guys, this is my first share here, I've been doing IM since 2006 and I think it's a good thing to give back to the community.
This is my first personal tutorial btw. so bare with me. This method is very powerful if you will do it right.

[hide]What you need to do is Make a targeted youtube video using products from amazon from existing squidoo lenses that are already ranking in google. In my own experience, youtube video can easily outrank squidoo lenses even if the lens gains a pagerank already.
Squidoo lens ranks high in google because of the very well researched longtail keywords.

Step 1, Find your target squidoo lensmaster. Find a high ranking lensmaster and check his profile, below his bio you can see all his lenses, try copy the title of one of the lens and paste to google search, if you can see his lens rank in number 1, then we found our potential target. example:
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. you can see all the lenses below his profile. Try to check his other lenses if you can still see his keyword in first position. (To find a high ranking lenses. just head over to squidoo and select your topic that you like. let's say computers and electronics.
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Here you can see top ranking lenses. and the username below the title. Click the username and head over to their list of lenses.)

Step 2. Head over to Squidtools.com and click advanced dashboard. copy the lensmaster's username in this case kabbalah. Paste the username to the login area and hit enter. Here you can see all his lenses, links, keywords including the date of the last update.

Step 3. To really know what lens is bringing in more traffic. Head over to squidaholic.com. paste his lens url and see how much traffic he got in a daily basis. If you're happy with the traffic save that keyword and head over to the next step.

Step 4. Create your youtube channel using the target keyword as a username. Optimize your channel using your keyword.

Step 5. Create your video and use your keyword as a filename, then upload. add your keyword in title and description. with your amazon link

Step 6. Ping your video and wait for few hours if it already appear in google result. If not wait for 24 hours. It should be at least displayed in top 10 of google result. to push your video higher. to rank 1. Comment youtube's popular channel to gain pagerank for your video and rank higher.

Step 7. If you can see result, replicate the process and start cashing from amazon.

Note. for members that dont know what an amazon video is, just go to youtube and search for product from amazon. you can see lots of examples of slide of images from amazon product. For youtube seo, just search the tutorials here how to do seo.

If for some reason your video is not in first page. move on to next keyword. To save time creating youtube accounts, just make a generic youtube account and upload at least 10 videos to it. Go take action, then Come back here and tell me how much did u make.

good luck!

I'll be posting more tutorials soon, so a rep would keep the engine running Smile

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