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YouTube Domination V.1.1 - Dominate YT In Every Possible Angle! Hundreds Of Features!
Quote:YouTube Domination V.1.1 - Dominate YT In Every Possible Angle! Hundreds Of Features!


[Image: nCode.png]Click this bar to view the original image of 800x606px.[Image: YT-Dom-Screenshot.png]

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Full Read Me and Installation Guide Included In Download

Admin Panel Features
Full Process Log + Error Logging - Search By Date/Feature/Success/Error
All Error Log Data Saved To Files For Debugging
Full Script User Guide
Script Tutorials Area
Recommended Limitations Area
Frequently Asked Questions Area
Tips and Tricks Area
YouTube Methods ($$$) Area
Scheduler - Run Script Processes On Automation With Our Scheduler

Creation Processes
Import GMail Accounts
Browse / Modify / Export New Accounts
Browse / Modify / Export Gmail Accounts
GMail > Youtube Account Creator and Linker
Profile Image Uploader

Feature Processes
Friend Adder
Bulletin Poster - Fully Tokenizable
Channel Subscriber
Video Commenter - Fully Tokenizable
Channel Commenter - Fully Tokenizable
Message Sender - Fully Tokenizable

Video Features
Video Scraper / Ripper
Video Uploader + Uniquifier + Tokenizer + Variable Usage + Comment Disabler / Approval Only + Rating Disabler + Privacy Setting Setter

Likers / Dis-Likers
Video Liker
Video Dis-Liker
Comment Liker
Comment Dis-Liker
Video Flagger

ID Scrapers
Scrape Video ID's
Scrape User ID's From Video Commenters
Scrape User ID's From Channel Subscribers
Obtain Country Data From ID's

Management Processes
Browse Accounts
Import Accounts
Export Accounts
Update Account Stats (Channel Views, Video Views, Subscribers, Friends)
Friend Acceptor
Inbox Emptier
Account Checker - Active + Banned + Username Checker
Cookie Setter
Profile Image Uploader
Channel Spam Comment Remover (If comment contains keywords, "Spam" etc)
Video Spam Comment Remover (If comment contains keywords, "Spam" etc)

Video Management
Upload Videos To Server
Browse Stored Videos
Browse Uploaded Videos
Video Checker
Video Stats Updater - Gets Video Views, Likes, Dislikes and Comment Count

ID Management
ID Vs Country Counts
Import ID's
Export ID's
Video ID Scraper
Import/Export User ID's
ID Vs Country Counts Table

YouTube Features:
Anti-Automation Block Fixer

Other Features:
Never Add The Same User As A Friend
Never Comment On The Same Video Or Channel More Than Once
Never Message The Same User More Than Once
Run Unlimited Threads and Accounts (Recommended MAX Thread Limit: 100)
Cookie Based Login System
Random User Agent Selection (Uses Same User Agent For Each Individual Account Access)

Script Updates:

V.1.0 > V.1.1
Logs Page Limited To Latest 1000 Results
Profile Image Uploader For Imported Accounts
Added Ability To Import and Export Accounts With Custom Note / Text
Lots Of Minor Bug Fixes

Upgrade Instructions:

V.1.0 > V.1.1
Login To PHPMyAdmin > Select Database The Script Is Using > Click The SQL Tab and Enter The Following:

ALTER TABLE `accounts` ADD `notes` LONGTEXT NULL AFTER `profileimageuploaded`;

Click Go.

Upload and Overwrite:

Please also go to the Log page within the script and click Delete All Warning/Error Logs at the bottom of the page as this will now contain a lot of old errors that have been fixed in this release.

---------- Post added at 06:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:13 PM ----------

This release only includes minor updates as there have been a lot of bug fixes in this release. Note that there are big features to come but I am still perfecting a lot of the processes in the script.
Thank you for posting this incredible tool.
let me check the links
thanks you dude..........

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