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Why it's Worth it.
Hello I am hoping to vent some frustration and also make people realize that putting forth real effort has its payoffs.

So last year around this time I was working a regular JOB and had found a small ebook on ecommerce. Work was pissing me off cuz I am not good at listening to a bunch of idiots tell me how to do a job a monkey could do but I needed money so i was grateful for the work.. mostly.

I had some small success with this ebook (cost my less than 20 to get and I made about $100) but I was stuck and couldn't really move forward.

So I contacted the owner and he had a coach/mentor program that he didn't heavily advertise but it was available. It was 2k. That was a bit much for me at the time though I knew its value I was skeptical (as ive bought lots of products and programs and never had any success but honestly I never put the work forth).

I went on my yearly family vacation at the end of July with my wife and we had a good time. my job was in sales so I kep my work phone on me and on and checked it regularly as was requested by me boss.

When I got back and returned to work they (boss and others) acted like I never submitted notice and made this HUGE ordeal about it. Needless to say I was pissed and on suspension as well for no reason other than my boss's boss didn't like my attitude and was going to fire me because I had proof they approved my vacation and he wasn't happy about it. I shit you not.

So I got home and with my job in jeopardy got a hold of the guy and signed up to work with him. .The biggest reason was I was working WITH HIM it wasn't some overpriced course labeled as coaching which is just crap but work just with him phone calls, whatever.

It took 1 45 minute call with him and my business went from making 5 dollars a day to 500 dollars a day by the end of the weekend. Within a few days I was averaging 1k plus in sales which was about 400 in profit a DAY.

Since i was working at the "desk" because they were stupid and didn't want me to make any money (it was sales afterall) i quit.

After I quit live was awesome I scaled the business to a point where i sold roughly 3-5k a day which was anywhere from 1200 to 2000 a day in profit.

My wife and I bought things we desperately needed, like a couch, clothes, food, etc. Its amazing I was making about 40k a year at the job and I couldn't even afford to get curtains.. sigh.

After we "resupplied" we paid of a bunch of debt, got a cabin for 2 weeks between christmas and new years and settled in because we found out we were pregnant.

Man life was fantastic at this point, had a lot of money coming in, I was looking into other avenues of generating money, first child on the way, bills paid off I never felt so good.

All from one, ONE frikkin 45 minute phone call with an actual mentor someone who genuinely wanted to help.

Then my wife and I had a miscarraige, I wont lie this was hard and still is as we struggle to get pregnant again. Additionally the stress from that event led me to ignore my business which continued to work until about december when I no longer had the motivation to keep it going.

I figured we could just turn it back on and things would be fine after we mentally recovered. Well thats not what happened.

I tried turning the store back on and the ads werent converting anymore, the product was not selling, I could barely break $100. Unfortunately my mentor had no help in this instance because he wasn't sure what the problem was.

Ive heard speculation things like I let my ads stay paused too long or whatever. I was using the new pixel so it was "seasoned" and should work crazy well but it didn't so other online "guru"S who give free advice say thats because its old so I need a new one, when that didn't work they said its because its too new and it needs to be seasoned before it will work right??? WTF???

So here it is July I still am strugling to make any money again. The business had done so well that my wife and I survived well for 6 months. SIX MONTHS, of savings. Ive had people say "you should have saved money" then I tell them we have been fine for six months, could they do the same if their money just stopped one day? Exactly.

I have to look for a job now and it sucks but I continue on my online journey because I know. It's worth it. It is SO WORTH IT.

I will spend every dollar I have and then some to test and work because I know when it hits life is FANTASTIC.. it's just so freakin good. Working a job is an endless way to get a little bit of money for a lot of work then in the end helps only the business owner.

Try, spend some money and test, chances are a lot of stuff is NOT going to work out but trust me when you find that one that does.. man get ready for a fun ride.

Also I would note that if I could find another 1 on 1 mentor that would be nice there are so few who can actually do what they say and even fewer who will spend the time to get you working right. DO NOT get a "coaching course" one size DOES NOT fit all.

I felt like I needed to say this and I hope this has helped someone somehow

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