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Why You Should Quit IM - Today!!
Last week on Wednesday I received an Alert about a penny stock that was kinda behaving strangely.

That Penny stock was $MGT. Its price on Wednesday was hovering around $0.71 - $0.76..
In short, this was a penny stock not worth a mention..

The reason the stock was on literally every underground trader's radar, was it appeared a certain gentleman by the name of John McAfee.. of McAfee Antivirus fame, had been named a possible CEO of the company.

The company deals in mobile security - stuff that's aimed at blocking the NSA or China from snooping on your mobile activity etc..

Fast forward to today, Monday May 16 2016, the share price of this stock, is $3.02!!

[Image: HDDhcIh.png]

This is an increase of over 700%,.. in One Week!!
If you simply held your position and did not short the stock to buy back during a dip/squeeze, or whatever you want to call it, imagine how much your money would be worth right now..
..this type of day trading is happening every day.. as we speak!

A friend of mine has made over Half a Mil in this pink sheet of a stock.
I, on the other hand, was more conservative but, now that it seems there's no end in site to the rise of this stock, well, the sky's the limit really!

Just imagine for a second, if you'd thrown $1k at this stock any time last week, when the share price was simply under $1!

With apps like Robinhood, there're no fees to pay to your broker. Trading off a cash account, you can day trade as much as you want, as long as you have cash in your account, the 3 day pattern rule doesn't apply to you!

StockTwits' awash with many... many penny stock traders offering watch lists and alerts people are falling over themselves in cash.

So, if you're still jumping around one shiny object to another, perhaps this is your wake up call..

Welcome to the World of Penny Stocks!

As you were..

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