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Viral Twitter Script V.2.05 Beta - OAuth API
Quote:Viral Twitter Script V.2.05 Beta

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  • Locks Off Content Until User Has Installed Application
  • Self Hosted Script
  • 100% Secure Locked Content
  • Tweets To User's Profile Upon Installation
  • Follow Chosen Account Upon Installation
  • Adds Chosen Account To All of Users Lists Upon Installation
  • Random Tweet Selection
  • Trending Hashtag Adder - Generates Serious Amounts Of Additional Traffic!
  • Multiple Trending Hashtag Adder
  • Geo-Targeted Trending Hashtag Adder
  • Tokenized Tweets
  • Random User Selection (For Follower and List Adder)
  • Offline Access Token Tweeter
  • Multiple Application Ability
  • Banned Application Detection and Notifier
  • Easy To Customize HTML Files
  • Token Usage To Personalize Pages
  • Lightweight Cookie System
  • Full Admin Panel Which Stores Individual Installs, Global Stats and Setup Page

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STATUS: File removed from the server

[Image: nCode.png]Click this bar to view the original image of 700x531px.[Image: twitter-screenshot.png]

This release is a Beta version of the script as I have not had enough time to fully test all of the features and I do not have many Twitter resources available at the moment. Due to this there is a 1<15 admin link share so that I can generate enough traffic to fully test the current features and the features due in 2.1.

Change Log:

Version 2.05 - 11-04-2011
Database Update - Stores Tweets, See The Upgrade Guide
Minor Bug Fixes and Script Improvements

Upgrade Instructions:

2.04 > 2.05
Login To PHPMyAdmin > Select Database The Script Is Using > Click The SQL Tab and Enter The Following:

CREATE TABLE `trends` (
`trend` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`updated` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`trend`)

Click Go.

Upload and Overwrite:


When an application is banned by Twitter you will be sent an email from the script + the script will automatically remove the key from the database.

When all keys are out (All banned) the user will be shown the members.php page without having to install your app. This way you do not lose the visitor to a dead Twitter app page.

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Additional Notes:
If an application gets banned all of the other applications on that account also get banned.
I recommend NOT setting the account to follow as the same one as the account that made the application.
The account that you set to follow is at risk of being banned, it is recommended to include a lot of accounts here and also accounts that you do not mind being suspended / disabled.

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