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Viral Twitter Script V.2.0 Beta - OAuth API
Quote:Viral Twitter Script V.2.01 Beta

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  • Locks Off Content Until User Has Installed Application
  • Self Hosted Script
  • 100% Secure Locked Content
  • Tweets To User's Profile Upon Installation
  • Follow Chosen Account Upon Installation
  • Adds Chosen Account To All of Users Lists Upon Installation
  • Random Tweet Selection
  • Trending Hashtag Adder - Generates Serious Amounts Of Additional Traffic!
  • Random User Selection (For Follower and List Adder)
  • Offline Access Token Tweeter
  • Easy To Customize HTML Files
  • Token Usage To Personalize Pages
  • Lightweight Cookie System
  • Full Admin Panel Which Stores Individual Installs, Global Stats and Setup Page

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STATUS: File removed from the server
[Image: nCode.png]Click this bar to view the original image of 700x531px.[Image: twitter-screenshot.png]

This release is a Beta version of the script as I have not had enough time to fully test all of the features and I do not have many Twitter resources available at the moment. Due to this there is a 1<15 admin link share so that I can generate enough traffic to fully test the current features and the features due in 2.1.

Small amendment to read me, after install go to:
Upload the files inside of the /upload/ folder to your server and browse to:

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