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Verified PayPal/eBay Accounts AVS/VCC and Phone Verified
Hello GBH!

I haven't really used this account a whole lot over the past few years and decided to come back to this community to become a more active member. This forum has provided me with a lot of value early on and hopefully I can provide some value back.

I looked over in the marketplace and noticed no one was selling PayPal and eBay Seller Accounts that are AVS/VCC Verified + Phone Verified. Is this something that the GBH family would be interested in? I've seen a couple of complaints from people saying that they were banned from eBay/PayPal for unfair reasons. I also suffered from this, so I did my homework and figured out how to create new eBay/PayPal verified accounts. I was thinking that I could provide fresh eBay/Paypal verified accounts for people here on GBH at a fair price.

Is this a service that GBH members would find valuable?

UPDATE* Going to start getting a BSO together. Keep the responses and great feedback coming!
July 22, 2016 UPATE* First BSO Awaiting Approval from Lala. It's for Virtual Bank Accounts, Virtual Credit Cards, and Quality UK Phone numbers.

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