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[VIP] [Update Requirements] $$$ Internet Marketer Section $$$
*** Requirements ***

[1] You must 1st acquired the [Image: BBHFTrusted.gif] Status"
You must post to unlock this link
(Easy part doing nothing, just your patience? Huh?! No wonder even leechers got the trusted status!)

[2] Reputation must be 100 and above
We setup this to 100, i think it is fair enough since we already remove the negative rep system and we already allow ALL members to access or give reputation. So reaching it by 100 will not be that difficult.

[3] Received thanks must be 30k
Ok, this one is the harder part since 30k was a bit high.
We setup it to 30k since there are some members who already reached more than 30k so don't tell me it's quite difficult since there are some members who have already reached 30kthanks received.
Members who have received 30k is fair enough to see that they are members who are seriously dedicated on this forum so in return we owe them some suprises and there will be more.

[4] Given thanks must be 1k
Ok, it's a give and take.
You MUST learn to appreciate members effort and shares.
If you have been in this forum for more than 6 months or more than a year and you didn't bother pressing the thanks button.
Then don't bother accesing the
You must post to unlock this link

$$$ Internet Marketer Section $$$ isn't part of the VIP Section,
It's a personal compilation section uploaded by one supervip member in an exchange for Exec Access.
All courses were uploaded to unfamiliar filesharing site
(personal upload).
Download speed SUCKS unless your premium downloader or you got faster download speed!!!
This section is a compilation of
fast deleted courses [bigger size around gigabytes] or courses that is
being closely monitored by owners, that even on torrent is being deleted

List of courses can be found here >>>
You must post to unlock this link

Image status for members that are accessing this

You must post to unlock this link
would be this one [Image: InternetMarketer.gif]

Once requirement achieved.
Please create a thread on private support centre.

You must post to unlock this link

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