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[VIP] Success Secrets Persuasion - Derek Doepker
Quote:The breakthrough for me going from another "boring" writer to a #1 bestselling author came after I learned some high level strategies of influence and persuasion to hook readers in.

I paid a lot of money to learn these things, but I decided to simplify it in an easy to comprehend way that pretty much anyone can use to enhance their persuasion skills in their writing, coaching, or day to day lives.

What I'm about to share isn't for everyone, but for those who offer advice to others, this can be the difference between your words going in one ear and out the other vs. them having massive impact on your audience.

Originally I had this presentation on creating persuasive writing recorded as part of a kindle publishing product I've created, but I decided it was a little too in-depth and advanced for the average novice writer.

Instead, it would be perfect for more experienced marketers like the people in the War Room who probably have more pre-existing context for this sort of stuff. So enjoy it as my gift to you. I'd love to hear any thoughts on it. Enjoy!
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Quote:The techniques are solid. Focus on giving people the benefits first, hook them in, etc. It's not really anything new. Magazines and newspapers do it all the time. It's just not something book writers or blog writers think about unless they've been trained in it like marketers have.

I've used this type of stuff to hit #1 bestseller on Amazon in diet books and was ranked #2 on Amazon kindle advice/how-to authors at one point, so the principles can definitely be useful for creating captivating content
This is something worth downloading! Review and Mirrors are much appreciated [Image: wink.gif]

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