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[VIP] Setup Your Own Traffic Reseller Business - EASY $$$
Quote:Ok so this is my first Jnr VIP post.


I could of posted this in the Normal forum but it would probably get abused by noobs. Also i could of made this into a WSO and sold it for my personal gain but i'm no longer doing much business in this niche no more.

Before coming to BHW i run a few traffic reseller sites in the Targeted and Mature niches for clients ranging from Musicians > Ecommerce stores. All of the traffic sites I have built in the past have been very profitable and brilliant in the long run. For most of the sites you can use a template such as Shopperpress and outsource the graphical work required for a few bucks. I created my first site for around $20 and later i sold it for $550 -
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At that time i didnt know what flipping was so i guess i done something right , So its not just a sale machine. You can later sell it for a fair price if thats what you wish to do [Image: smile.gif]

You may be thinking " Well how do i get sales or Rank the site? ".

Its not as hard as you think. I would do around 100-200 social bookmarks per keyword and a few profile links/Blog comments and traffic would start to come automatically and after a few weeks i would be getting searches for keywords that i didnt even do any SEO for. So its kinda like a viral effect but at a minimum level [Image: smile.gif]

A guide wouldnt be complete without revealing the supplier/source of the traffic so here it is:

My first and only supplier ever is these guys *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*:
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I found them on the internet a few years back so i tried them out and they were all good [Image: smile.gif]. If you have your own traffic supplier then thats cool.

But thats not the only thing they offer so here's a full list:

- Email marketing
- GSU's (Guaranteed Signups) CPA GUYS DONT BOTHER !
- Twitter followers
- Facebook friends
- Targeted/Worldwide/Mature/Alexa Toolbar traffic
- Google +1's
- Plugin sites
- Audio products

Its free to Register and they are a great company. Both they're support and service quality is amazing !

The Price for normal and targeted traffic is $0.70/1K visitors and you can target via niche also. Mature and Alexa traffic is a little more expensive but the target via niche option is also available for adult [Image: smile.gif] , The Traffic comes from Domain re-directs and pop-unders.

I was selling 10k visitors for $25 and i was getting around 5+ sales per day just from that. So its a fair price for a great service.

Setting up the orders for a client is easy:

Just add the client to the admin panel @adresellers > Fill in website URL/Amount/Hits per day > Submit > Provide the client info for order tracking.

The tracking site your client can use is:
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Selecting a Domain:

When you choose a domain that will suit your traffic reselling website you may want to include the main word " Traffic ". This will give the buyer the idea that you sell traffic and he/she will click your website. A few examples are below:


When you have secured a domain and are ready to procede with the website I recommend you use Wordpress as its quite easy to operate and it looks good with the right theme.

I highly recommend using a theme called Shopperpress as it looks very good and you can get it free if you look in the right places. Upon getting a theme you will need to integrate it with a payment processor (Shopperpress comes with everything you need). I highly recommend using Paypal as the majority of people use this.

If you do not have a logo I recommend you get one done from a designer on Digital Point or Freelancer.com , As soon as you have that I would recommend you start entering descriptions about each item such as " Adsense safe traffic " , " Visitors come from Domain re-directs and popunders - 100% Guaranteed Real visitors " etc.

You get the point. After that upload some traffic related pictures to the packages and your ready to go.

Enjoy , If you have any questions let me know [Image: smile.gif]

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