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[VIP] Seo20's Simple Method - Get Around 80,000+ Leads To Facebook EVERY day
First of all - I trust people here so don't be stupid and share this around.
This is my own little simple method and has never been shared anywhere except here on my new favorite home.

I developed the simple method for FB and doing a JV with it currently so please don't ask me about my exact method.

The simplest things in IM are ALWAYS the most powerful - a single PR9 will be FAR FAR better than 100,000 semi-spammy backlinks. You know that. This is totally new way of generating leads. Think about it - each and every day at least 80K NEW leads.

The method is very very simple - you can use google to query data directly via these queries.

<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>yahoo
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>live
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>aol
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
So you just have to scrape the results and you are ready to go. There are tons of scrapers - use the one you like the best.



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