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[VIP] My PHP script to generate Mediafire-cloned pages
Quote:As requested, here is the PHP script including
the complete HTML, stylesheet and images of the Mediafire clone I
created. Instructions and download for the images are below.

The method was outlined here:
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//generate file name


$qfname=str_replace(" ","-",$qfname);




.$title[$i].' <br/>');


Images and stylesheet (upload to /images/):
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[/url] (Is it ironic that I uploaded to Mediafire?) [Image: biggrin.gif]

Save the PHP file as something unique, for example 'mediafiregen.php".
You will need to create two text files and upload them to the same
directory, titled 'dltitle.txt' and 'dlsize.txt'. In these files, you
add the file titles and sizes, respectively, on separate lines. Once
they are uploaded, load yourdomain.com/mediafiregen.php in to your
browser. The browser will return a page displaying the URLs of all pages
created, along with the file title in a format that can be imported
straight in to Scrapebox, like this:

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{Apostle of Hustle - Folkloric Feel (2005, 320kbps + covers)}

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{Bernard Fanning - Tea and Sympathy (2005)}

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{Bjork (complete) discography}

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Social Scene Discography}
I'm no PHP guru, so I didn't code any
kind of security I'm afraid. I guess as long as you keep the PHP file
title completely unique, you should be safe.

I've only used this to generate up to 200 pages at a time. To order the
file titles and sizes fast, I copy and paste downloads from torrent
sites in to excel. With some tweaking you can get the titles and sizes
in two columns, and then copy and paste each column in to notepad!

Good luck with using this.

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