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[VIP] My 3 Current Plan For All SuperVIP's here
Wazzup Guys and Gals,
I'll go straight to the point.
I have currently 3 plans for all supervip here and this and these were the following:

[hide]1) Huge UPDATE for this VIP's Earn Money Online and Offline and GB SEO Discussion Method, Tutorial, Trick, etc.
- expected time 3 weeks from now
Aside from this, i already have a plan on how every supervip will really benefit each other when it comes to earning online.
Stay tuned and watch out! [Image: wink.gif] .

[hide]2) SuperVIP's Blogging Page
- Supervip can add their own blog page just like blogspot or wordpress
Advantage of this blog for supervip is their content or linkback to their site on increase of alexa rankings and being indexed on google easily.
(Can anyone please post here or suggest me a good categories to be added on your blog ? So i can setup a default categories)
3) Lifetime Banner Ads to all of our fellow Supervip's who Listed their product on services on our GetBlackhat Special Offers Forum
for FREE

- Normally i got an offer from different person, supervips and companies (small and big) to add their ads on our site.
But usually i never response nor pay attention with this, regardless of how much they are willing to pay. Even they offer me a big amount for advertising but still i had it rejected.
But now i decided to add some banner ads of my fellow supervip members who Listed their product on services on our GetBlackhat Special Offers Forum .
Their ads will be randomly (randomize) to be shown on every forumdisplay and showthread display.
I wanna help them more in maximizing their profits and earnings.

(Before implementing this i need some suggestion on what banner add size are we going to be accepted.
I wanted it to be all in one uniform size every banner add that will be display are all fair equal to everyone.)

468 x 60 pixels
728 x90 pixels[/hide]

Please post your feedback and suggestions here. Thanks.

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