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[VIP Money Making] JunkFilter6's Chat Roulette Ideas
[DISCLAIMER] This is not a full tutorial. I'm merely sharing my ideas with you guys because I know you'll be able to put some twists on them and may find it useful. Smile This idea DOES have the potential to get saturated, so please share with caution.

A recent website that's gaining immense popularity in the US is

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Basically, it's random chatting. You're able to video chat with any random stranger (you don't get to pick) and if you don't like, the person, you can simply hit the "Next" button (or F9) and you'll be taken to another stranger. You can repeat the process an infinite number of times until you find someone that you want to chat with.

How popular is the website? It's getting around 100k uniques a day and is constantly increasing! It's a new website that went viral! There's a lot of traffic on this website...It seems that at least 20k people are online at any given moment.

How can we use this to make money? Well, I manually took a random sample of 500 spins (with the "cam required" box checked) to determine these statistics:
84% are male
11% are female
5% have black screens

17% are males who show themselves naked

87% are over 18 years of age

Basically, you have a lot of guys who are looking to find a good looking girl to chat with. I bet all of you e-wh0ring fans are ecstatic (personally, I don't do e-wh0ring or anything of the sort and that's why I'm sharing these ideas before actually testing them).

But you have the problem of the video part of it, right? Get some software that directly accesses your webcam and projects your computer screen as the chat video. Or you can try pointing and positioning your webcam to your computer (but this may be bad quality and not really believable).

From here, I guess you have several options...
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Good luck! [Image: smile.gif]

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