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[VIP Money Making] JoJo's Millions Of FREE Targeted Hits To Your Website
Today I"m going to show you how to get free targeted visitors to your product landing page from your
own "˜news sites".
It"s so easy to get traffic to news sites. With all the news aggregators freely available out there, it"s so
much simpler than trying to get traffic directly to a product sales page.
So, with all these great opportunities from sites such as NewsNow which can send you thousands of hits
a day and also sites such as Digg to be taken advantage of, how can you create a news site that targets
your niche is the burning question.
If you managed to get hold of a copy of my "˜seven millon hits with all free advertising" report,
you will be well aware of the potential of news driven sites.
An example I use in this blueprint is from a question that came up from a buyer of the Seven
Million Hits report. The question was "˜how do I use a news orientated site to drive traffic to my
product, when my product isn"t directly newsworthy?"
The product we"re talking about here is a teeth whitening product. Sure, I do understand that
question on the face of it and it"s a logical question. You can"t exactly just keep writing about
teeth whitening and teeth whitening techniques, the latest technologies etc.
So, that"s how this blueprint was born, to show you that you can stray away from the topic of
your niche to write about newsworthy topics, whilst also targeting your specific audience. I
think you will really enjoy this blueprint, if you follow it and take action, I can guarantee you will
get a massive increase in prospects to your product page.
How To Create a
Newsworthy Blog For a
Step 1
The first step is to find your target markets demographics.
This is incredibly important for a number of reasons that will be realized as you follow
along with the rest of the steps.
To find your target customers, first I want you to find the most relevant websites that
are in your niche.
For example, if my niche was "˜teeth whitening", I"d search Google for "˜teeth whitening"
and then pull out the most relevant sites to the product I"m trying to sell.
I"d then make a note of the most relevant results"¦
For an example, I used a spreadsheet so I could split the information up"¦
Just list the URL"s under the URL tab, it"s just for reference. If you don"t have excel, just
use your favorite text editor to create a simple table.
Step 2
Now that we"ve got the most relevant website to our product"¦
It"s time to collect the rest of the data we"ve outlined above. This data is the "˜demographics" of
the user. We want to know their **** age, whether they have kids, where they browse from and
also their education. This is brilliant data that we will utilize in the up-coming steps, bear with

To collect the demographical information, I prefer to use Alexa (
www.alexa.com). I must state
that Alexa can only really give estimates, this is rough data but it still acts a great indication.
So, head over to

www.alexa.com, click on the "˜site info" tab at the top of the page and enter
one of the websites URL"s in the "˜site lookup" box as shown below"¦
Click the "˜go" button and you will be taken to the traffic stats page. You will then notice a tab for
"˜demographics", click that link and then you will be taken to a page alike the following"¦
Now, this contains all the information we need on the specific websites to fill in our
spreadsheet. The green blocks shows a larger amount where as the red blogs show a very low
amount, use them as your indicators.
From this data we can form our complete spreadsheet"¦
If you"re wondering why I"ve asked you to go and get this information, then here"s why"¦
Basically, many products are not actually very newsworthy, this means that product orientated
sites often find that they can"t benefit from the news aggregators that are available out there.
So, we"re finding out what our users demographics are, so we can target news that people of
those demographics are also interested in.
Step 3
Now that you"ve got your target users demographic data, it"s time to find out what else they
are interested in.
From this data, you can either be creative or use the same process we used before to research
demographic data of news related sites.
Using our heads will give us a good idea of where to aim.
So, from my own example of "˜teeth whitening" we"ve found out that the target customers are
18-24 year olds girls, browsing from home who are either in college or had some college
Creative hat now on"¦ an obvious "˜newsworthy" side of this demographic is the celebrity
culture, right? That"s absolutely massive, let"s take a look"¦
Searching Google for "˜celebrity gossip" I come across a well know site from Perez Hilton

By now putting this website in to Alexa, I can see that the demographics do have a good
amount of crossover"¦
Step 4
We"ve come a long way now. We now know exactly who our target market are and we"ve also
found a news avenue that we can exploit to get to them.
It"s so much easier to get traffic to a news orientated site as opposed to a product sales site.
This way you can reach your customer through the use of great content.
So, in this step, you need to setup your blog. You can use blogspot.com, wordpress.org, or
simple start a new blog on a separate domain name. Give this blog its own look and feel, make
it look professional. Don"t put affiliate links left right and center. Remember that the aim of this
site is to provide content and reach the prospects on a subliminal level, not being too pushy
towards them.
That"s the beauty of this method, you own the website that provides news to your target
visitors. This gives you an absolutely huge opportunity advertise in front of them in the most
effective way. You are not restricted to just having a banner in the corner, you own the site, you
advertise as big as you like or as small as you like.
Even if you don"t use this technique to create your own news site, at least now you can target
other sites that you can effectively advertise on to target your market.
Future Steps
Whilst actual traffic generating are not supposed to be included directly in this section, here are
a list of sites you will find hugely useful for free traffic generation...
Google News
How To Create Your Blog
For Success!
Now that we"ve identified the product we are going to sell and also identified a newsworthy
subject matter around that product, it"s time to start creating the blog. The actual blog is an
essential part to the whole of this system, there are a number of standards that need to be
stuck to in order for this blog to succeed.
Before we even touch on how to drive traffic to this blog, it"s essential we get this right so that
it gets accepted into the publisher program outlined in the next chapter.
Step 1

"" Coming up with the nameFirst of all, you"re going to have to come up with a name for this blog.
If you don"t currently have a different blog platform in mind, such as Wordpress, then I suggest
setting up a BlogSpot account (

After you"ve filled in the initial data, you have the chance to name your blog"¦
Step 2

"" Choosing the filmAfter deciding on the name of your blog, you can now choose a theme. BlogSpot comes up with
a number of themes you can choose to have"¦
Most of the time, I decide to use the blue layout named "˜Rounder"s 3".
Step 3

"" Strip the fatThe default themes come with a bit of fat that we don"t need, especially the followers part in
the sidebar and even the "˜about me" section.
Step 4

"" Give it a professional logoNow, when I say professional, I don"t mean go out and spend $1,000 getting a top designer to
make you a logo. All we really need is a simple logo that says the name of your blog, this alone
is much more professional than just having a text based logo.
Looks more professional"¦
And guess what, that"s so simple really isn"t it. If you"ve got a copy of Photoshop, just have a
mess about with making logo"s in there. Just try out bolding your blog name in Verdana or
Tahoma for starters, even that looks much more professional than the standard text logo your
Step 5

"" Fill her upAt this point, your blog is pretty much going to be looking naked. No posts, nothing. So, the
next job is to create a decent amount of articles. Remember, these articles are what your blog
is going to be reviewed on in the next chapter, so it"s important these articles are of good
Step 6

"" Stagger the post timesIn the next chapter where we talk about driving insane traffic to the blog, it"s important that
your blog looks like it"s been around for a short while, not like it was made overnight.
So, go in to the post editor and change the dates and times of your posts so it looks like each
has been posted about 6 days apart.
Below are some examples that reflect the quality of blog we"re after here"¦
As you can see, we"re not aiming for anything earth shattering here, just a nice simple blog that
conveys its information professionally.
How To Drive Insane
Now, here"s the secret traffic driver behind this blog you"ve created. The site is called
NewsNow. At the time of writing, NewsNow is ranked as the 2,176

th most popular website in
the world, according to Alexa which is always a good estimate but it must be said, not a perfect
But, what really matters here is that NewsNow is an insanely popular site, even my dad uses it!
And guess what, it"s free for me and you to publish our content on. All we"ve got to do is meet
their editorial guidelines which I"ve printed below"¦

[hide]1. Meet the highest standards of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
These standards include:
i. Correctly differentiating between "there" and "their", "its" and "it's", "1" and "one" and
"Liverpools" and "Liverpool's"
ii. Ensuring sentences and paragraphs are not overly long;
iii. Using appropriate, correct punctuation;
iv. Ensuring that each sentence and paragraph is grammatically correct.
2. Not consist of articles entirely copied or adapted from other sources, without any additional original
3. Attribute quotes to their sources;
4. Not write sensational or misleading headlines in order to attract additional traffic;
5. Not write headlines containing exclamation marks;
6. Not write headlines of more than twelve words in length;
7. Not write headlines that contain the names of more than two sports teams or players;
8. Not publish articles of less than three paragraphs (not sentences) in length;
9. Have demonstrated a commitment to writing quality content by having already published articles
consistently over a period of some months prior to requesting inclusion on NewsNow;
10. Not place Google adverts between the paragraphs of their articles;
11. Not be forums. Forums are advised to create a parallel website/blog onto which the best content should
be placed..

Over the past 4 years I"ve been publishing on NewsNow and I"ve managed to drive an insane
amount of traffic to my sites. Here"s a screenshot of the traffic driven from just one website"¦
And here"s some of the revenue I generated, this screenshot is just the adsense income for that
one blog"¦
At this point I"m hoping you"re starting to see the immense value that NewsNow can bring to
your site.
As you can see from the below Hitwise data, NewsNow is up there with the big boys and the
beauty of all of this is, everything we"re doing here can be replicated and used on Google News
to also drive massive traffic and that"s before you decide to infiltrate the social networks"¦
And from the chart below, you can really see the impact NewsNow can have on a website. The
below chart is from one of my websites which uses NewsNow as the sole traffic source. On the
Wednesday there were no new articles posted to NewsNow"¦
Step 1

"" Submit your new blog for NewsNow inclusionTo submit your site to NewsNow, simply head over to the following URL and follow the steps:
You must post to unlock this link

The most important thing is that you have an RSS feed. All BlogSpot blogs have an RSS feed and
the majority of blog platforms will allow you to access an RSS feed simply and easily.
Step 2

"" THE most essential part of the articleOver my years of using NewsNow, there is one thing that has a greater impact than absolutely
anything else. It"s the headline.
As you can see from just browsing around the NewsNow site, there are dozens of headlines and
your headline really does have to stand out from the crowd, else why should anyone decide to
pick your story?
So, what you really need to do, is know what people want to read. You"ve got to get curiosity
out of the reader to make them click.
The best way I know of coming up with headlines is to look at newspapers, what"s the current
Here are some examples:
This headline purposely misses out the second name of the player who is actually being
swapped with, why? To get you to read on to the next line.
The above headline makes you think "˜on what?".Why didn"t they give a clue to what the money
was wasted on? Because they want you to read the whole story.
And is there any surprise at the below top headlines from UK paper The Sun (most notably the
bottom one!)"¦
Step 3

"" Taking advantage of the 80/20 ruleAs with just about anything in life, the 80/20 rule applies here as well. If you"re not familiar with
it, then this is what I mean by it in this context"¦
80% of the results come from 20% of the effort.
There are specific types of news or types of headlines that are going to get you exponentially
more hits than others, it"s just the way it is.
So what you"ve got to do, is go out and find out what headlines of yours are most popular, what
are the current top stories? How can I tie this top story in with the news I"m offering?
First of all, I"d make sure you"ve installed the Google Analytics tracking software on your blog,
this will give you a simple, free way to see exactly what content your visitors are actually
interested in.
Well, NewsNow gives you a massive tip-off in regards to this, check out the "˜top stories" for
each section. Let"s say your niche is "˜swine flu""¦
Now, you know exactly what"s hot in the past 24 hours, if this is your niche, why bother writing
about anything else that isn"t close to these headlines? All you"ve got to do is write a more
compelling headline and create some great content for your article and I guarantee it"ll only be
a short amount of time before you see your site in that Top Stories list.
On my own sites, I"ve managed to dominate the Top Stories list day in and day out and this is
the exact reason for it. It"s all about working smarter, not harder, remember the 80/20 rule,
Step 4

"" How to come up with your news contentSomething I"ve been using more and more to create my article content is Twitter. It"s so
powerful, it allows me to gather people"s opinions on something within seconds. I feel it"s
important I gather people"s opinions on a specific matter because I want my article to resonate
with everyone.
It also gives me a number of "˜launch pads" for my article points. All I"ve got to do is gather up all
the opinions and write an article based on those opinions, it"s so easy.
How To Guarantee You
Get Listed On NewsNow
If you"ve tried and tried and waited and waited to try and get listed on NewsNow and you don"t
think it"s going to be successful then there are a couple of things you can try. Now, these are
tactics I"ve used in the past to speed up the process and I"ve got to admit, I don"t think
everyone will want to try this.
NewsNow offers a premium service that allows you to track news for a monthly fee. Now, what
I"ve done in the past is use the law of reciprocation.
I simply became a customer of NewsNow and then submitted a question to them asking if they
could include a specific blog into their feed so I could track it. Obviously they didn"t want to lose
a paying customer so they simply added the feed into the database.
You don"t even have to become a customer to try this trick. Just simply enquire about being a
customer and you"re concerned because certain blogs are not in their spider, when they ask
what blogs they"re missing, let me know and boy will they go out of their way to include them.
This is what I"d call a last resort tactic, If all else fails or if you really, really need to speed up the
whole process.
How To Increase Your
Article Advert Click-thru
rate at least 200%
At one point, I ran adsense adverts on my blogs, this was because back then, adsense would
actually pay out a fair bit and they had less guidelines.
At one point, a discovery was made. If you were to put an image next to your adsense ad, the
click-thru rate would shoot up dramatically. However, since then, Adsense has taken steps to
stop publishers from being able to do this. Doing it now will most likely result in a ban.
However, let"s just consider the flexibility we have here of being able to drive views to landing
pages, not to adsense ads.
By simply placing images next to our own adverts, we can quite easily double the click through
What"s even more important, is the content of the image.
Check this out"¦
The question every marketer wants to know is, where do people look and how do I get them to look at
what I want them to look at?
It's a great question and it's a question that can increase your conversion rate exponentially.
Here's the trick...
It's called 'looking space'. You might have seen those fancy arrows on landing pages such as frank kerns
and so on, that's one way of doing things, but a more subtle way is to use people's faces.
People look at faces, they draw

So, you look at their face and then you see that person's eyes looking at something, so you get curious
and you look to see what they're looking at.
It's like when a group of people gather around someone"s computer and you're on the other side of the
desk, wondering what they're looking at, so you go over and have a look.
This technique can be used to get headlines read, content read or to get people's attention on that
button you want them to click to convert.
Here are some examples of effective use...
The BBC really do enforce this technique, check it every day to see their latest...
The great thing is, it's not just about faces, let"s say you're trying to sell car insurance...
Q), Can I see more example sites of competitors?
Sure, there are plenty of examples on NewsNow.co.uk its self. If you go in to one of the relevant
news feeds, you can separate blogs from the general news and then there's your competition.
Q), Are there any similar sites to NewsNow?
Well another similar type of site is actually Google News...
Google News aggregates news from the web in the same style that NewsNow does. To get your
site included in Google News, you need to submit a Google News formatted feed. I believe there
is a wordpress plug-in that will generate this for you if you decide to use that platform.
Q), I was wondering which one is more effective; creating multiple blogs or a single
blog. ""i.e. 10 blogs with 10 different category? or just one blog with filled up different
opinions topics?
Personally, I'd try and set up 'niche' specific websites, it's much easier to get NewsNow to
approve your site if it's specific to one niche I find.
Q), Can blogs with a poor design still get listed on NewsNow?
Sure they can, check out the blogs below, they are all included on NewsNow and are not
anything special"¦
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Extra"s "" Secret
As a special thank you for the purchase, here are some short and snappy tactics you could use
in your website promotion immediately"¦
1. Why not try and get some SEO ranking whilst you"re at it? Get keyword
ideas from Google"s external keyword tool

2. Did you know, by submitting an article to ezinearticles for a lowcompetitive
keyword, you can rank number one almost instantly? If there
are less than 750,000 competing sites you"ve got a great chance.
3. To increase keyword ranking use JUST the keywords in the title and
nothing else, the more specific to the keyword the better.
4. Having keywords within the URL of a page adds extra weighting onto your
chances of ranking highly.
5. You CAN republish articles you"ve submitted to ezine articles back on to
your website.
6. Submitting your RSS feed to different RSS directories is a brilliant way of
increasing backlinks which in turn helps you rank higher for keywords.
7. You can rank extremely highly for a keyword that is not too competitive if
your domain has the exact keyword within it.
8. You can post your link on Yahoo Answers in relevant topics to drive even
more traffic to your site.
Recommended Resources
Why not sharpen yourself up even more by checking out some of these resources"¦
Writing Headlines


http://www.michelfortin.com/headlines-that-pull-persuade-and-propel/How to create a blog with blogspot[/font]


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