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[VIP Money Making] JoJo's Claim your $200 a Day on Youtube NOW!
Claim your $200 a day NOW!

I am giving you a SECRET method to earn $200 a day online that I have been using for months now! No one taught me this, I came up with completely myself through trial and error, and have perfected it so works 100% of the time.
It is such a simple method that takes about 20 minutes a day.

I show you STEP-BY-STEP with Screen shots of what you need to do!
I use this method each morning before I go to work while I have breakfast, and BAM! when I come home, an extra $200 each and everyday!

You [b]do not need:[/b]
* Any previous marketing experience.
* To invest any
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to make the method work.

* To be an expert in any field.
* A website.

This method is mildly Black Hat. It is not theory. It is a tried and true battle plan to build a job-killing income stream in record time. You don"t need to spend a cent to start earning!

Here we go!

How ToMake $200 a day with YouTube
Step 1.
Have a Clickbank.com account. If you do not have one, go sign up at:
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Step 2.
Make a Youtube.com account. Don"t use your personal one. Use any
username, it doesn"t really matter.
Step 3.
Browse Google trends for the hot trends for the day. Go here:
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Look for what people are searching for the day, particularly for what
can be a video and what people will be searching for as a video.
If people are searching for a video on Google, it also means lots of
people are searching YouTube for that video. Your job is to profit
from this.
See the image below of a screen cap of some of Google"s top trends.
Step 4.
For this example, we are going to use the search "Watch Vampire
Diaries episode 1 online" as seen above. Lots of people are searching
for this.
Vampire Diaries is a TV show so we are going to have to find a TV
show related product on Clickbank for this. Go to the Clickbank
marketplace and go to the Fun and Entertainment section:
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Search for "TV" to find a product you want to promote. Because we
are using a TV show, I have chosen to select a Satellite TV product.
Click "create Hoplink" and get your custom URL like this:
Step 5.
Now either buy your own domain to forward it to this URL or shorten
it at a site like www.>>>[[[Reported by Members as Spam Site]]]<<<for free to something like
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Step 6.
Our task now is to sell this Clickbank product to the people searching
for "The Vampire Diaries episode 1". You will earn $31 for every
person you refer to Satellite Direct and if they sign up. This is where
YouTube comes in.
Search Youtube.com for "The Vampire Diaries". Find a trailer for the
show and take a print screen of a part of it e.g.
Paste it in paint and extract the main picture part:
Save it to your computer.
Step 7.
Now open Windows Movie Maker and create a new video.
Import your picture and then add to the video time line.
Drag the picture along so it is about 9-10 minutes in length. So
basically the whole video will be just that picture.
Now go to publish the video on your computer and be sure to
compress it as small as possible.
Step 8.
Log into your Youtube.com and upload your newly created video.
Add a title like "Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot 1x01 Part 1"
Add a description like "Vampire Diaries the first episode as seen on
the CW".
Add keywords like "vampire diaries, pilot, season 1, episode 1,
twilight, 1x01, part 1, watch online, one, stream, ep, parts, the cw,
trailer, preview, full episode".
Step 9.
Once your video has uploaded and been processed, go to
"Annotations" and create a massive one stretched out over the entire
video so it covers your video completely:

Add text along the lines of:
[hide]Due to copyright reasons and YouTube"s terms of service, this video
cannot be displayed.
To watch the Vampire Diaries first episode LEGALLY and in High-
Definition, just follow these simple steps.
2. Sign up and get access to their Satellite streaming
3. Log into your member's page and select the HBO channel
4. Select 'True Blood' and then choose the episode you want to
The episode was uploaded there are about 2 days ago, and the rest
of the season's episodes are there as well. Plus there are tons of other
shows like Entourage, Supernatural, Weeds, Gossip Girl, literally
everything you might want to watch.
Hope you enjoy the episode! I don't want to spoil what happens but
its good!.This is for another show TV show I did:
Make it red background preferably as it looks more official.
Make it also go for the entire length of the video by dragging these
yellow triangles across.
Step 10.
So how does this make money?
Well, when someone searches
Youtube.com for your video e.g. The Vampire Diaries, they will see
your video in the Youtube search listings like this:
It looks totally real and they will click on it. When they do, they will
not be able to watch the video at all and will instead get a big red
message like this telling them to go to your affiliate link to sign up for
satellite TV to watch it:
So many people sign up because they are desperate to watch the
shows and it promises to be in HD quality. You earn $30 every time
someone signs up.
Do this on a massive scale and you can earn about $1000 a day. Just
look for the popular TV shows episodes people are searching for, and
make fake videos for them and upload them to YouTube with your
ad on it.
You can also do it with other things, not just TV show episodes. Just
see what popular video things people are searching for on Google
trends, find something similar to promote in the Clickbank
marketplace and make a video to upload! It"s really easy! I make
about 5 videos a day, they take about 5 mins each, and I earn about
$200 from this!
Your YouTube account might get blocked after a while but you can
always just make a new one in minutes!
Good Luck!
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