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[VIP Money Making] God of Hell Fire's Craigslist Get your Ads to Stick
I have ran a craig*slist posting business for a little over a year now, and it provides me with a very good steady income, but it won't make me a millionaire, so I spend the better half of my day studying techniques I read about here and there. It pays all my bills and allows me not to have to have a 9 to 5 job which is all I can ask for. I once was a frustrated craig*slist (CL from this point on) poster who didn't have a clue what I was doing. I would purchase ebook after ebook from so called experts, but even their techniques wouldn't work. After I figured out what I was doing on my own, I realized that these experts would never share everything and tell us exactly what they were doing to get their ads up.
A lot of you may have it all figured out, and if you do, congratulations. I'm still going to explain everything, because there are a lot of people here who don't have a clue. I am going to tell you everything that I do to get my posts to show up. I get a ton of private messages and emails wanting me to show people how to get their posts to show up. I could probably write an ebook and/or have a teleseminar and make some extra cash, and while I might do that in the future, I'll share everything I do with everyone here on the forum, because I've taken my share of stuff, so it's time to give back.
I'm going to talk about every part of the ad separately and explain to you what needs to be done. Let's start with headings.
[hide]The biggest myth I hear is that you need a unique title for every ad. This is absolutely not true. A common order for me from a customer is 100 ads per day. I use about 3 different titles rotated evenly for these 100 ads without problem. There are some words that are filtered and your ad may not show up if you use one of these in the title. Just test a few titles until you find a few that you like.
Hint*** You can add a few numbers at the end of the posting if you want it to be unique from the others. It's not of high importance, but this simple method can make every title unique if you really want them to be different..
Ad Content
[hide]I'll start by telling you that I never use a text ad. There are too many words that will raise red flags with CL and if you have one of these in your ad body, it could cause your entire ad to be ghost posted. I make every ad into a picture file. If you don't know how to do this, it is very simple. You can use something as simple as paint, and just insert a text box and type your ad out how you want it to appear. Then, you just save it as a picture. It can be simple black text with a white background, and once it is on CL, you can hardly even tell it is a picture. It just looks like a normal ad. The CL spiders can't pick up certain words in your picture, because obviously there is no text there, just a picture. Now, here is another myth that I have heard straight from the mouth of one of the top experts out there, as well as many others. CL has not banned photob*ucket. I post over 1000 ads a day, and all of my ads show up fine with all my pictures hosted on photo*bucket. Once you have developed your picture, you just need to upload it to photob*ucket. Upload it more than once so that you have multiple links to use. The standard rule that I use is uploading 20 pictures for every 100 posts per day. So if you post 100 ads, you would use each link 5 times. CL does ban your individual picture link if it is used too much. The good thing about this is that you can just upload new pictures and be good to go again. Just make sure you have fresh picture links regularly. Now, here is a very important part. Every ad body on CL does have to be somewhat unique. If you have a different picture link for every ad, then that is fine. You can keep the same name on each picture you upload, and photob*ucket can make them all unique. However, if you just put the link in the ad body, chances are that CL will notice it and delete your ad faster. It is good to include a bunch of invisible random text in the ad that relates to the category you post in. The best thing to do is look at someone in that category that has a lot of ads up. Highlight there entire ad or view their source, and usually you will find a bunch of invisible text. You can just copy their invisible text and put it directly into your ad also. This just hides the link a little better in a sea of text. I normally put a few lines of text before the picture link and then the rest of the text after the link.
The most important thing is just making sure that each ad body is somewhat unique and has some random text related to your category. Make sure you get new pictures every day or two. You can never have too many pictures links to use..

Emails/CL Accounts
[hide]You can use either of these with equal success. Let's start by talking about email addresses. You need to be able to create a bunch of these. I would say the normal rule I use is to have about 50 email addresses for every 500 ads you post. I normally get 50 new emails every 4 or 5 days. Sometimes you need them sooner, but I have seen 50 email addresses post 5,000 total ads and still work, but I wouldn't recommend trying that. It is best to make sure you have fresh emails as often as possible. If you choose to go the email route, you MUST take this step to ensure to save yourself hours of time. Make sure that you forward every email address to one central email so that you can check them and publish them from one central account. As long as you rotate ip's regularly (I discuss this more below), there is no way for CL to know that all 50 emails are being checked from one central account.
CL accounts use basically the same method. Make sure you have lots of fresh accounts pretty regularly. The good thing about posting from an account is that you don't have to check an email every time you post. It just takes longer to create the emails and the accounts. The bottom line no matter which route you go is just make sure that you have lots of fresh emails/accounts..

IP Rotating
[hide]This really is the single most important part in making sure your ads show up. You must rotate ip addresses regularly. I usually rotate ip's every 5 posts. Sometimes you can post 15 ads or so on 1 ip, but that's starting to push it and I like to stay safe. There's a lot of talk about how to rotate your ip addresses, but I've found one way to be far superior. Most people try to use proxies, but I've never found this to work for me. Here's the way I use, and it's never failed me. Go out and get a sprin*t broadband card. It's like $60 per month and it changes ip's every time you disconnect and reconnect, which takes about 10 seconds. I have a lot of these that I use, but I started with just 1, and it worked wonders. I only have more than 1 now because I post on multiple computers and need one for each. One should serve you just fine if you're posting from one computer at a time. You're welcome to use proxies if you know how to do it successfully, but I'm telling you exactly how I do it and how it works for me..

Links in Your Ad
[hide]There's a lot of talk about using links in your ad, and whether it gets your ad deleted quicker, etc. I personally do not use a hyperlink in my ads very often. When you create your ad in paint or whatever picture program you use, just make the link bigger than the other text and change its color or something. If you make it stand out, people won't have a problem typing it in, and the good thing about that is that if you're promoting an affiliate offer, your affiliate company can't tell where the visitor came from. I build a personal opt in list through CL, and I have much more success this way. I tested one day with ads with a clickable link, and ads with the URL in the picture, and the results where overwhelming. I had over 130 optins from my picture ad, and less than 40 with my ads with the link clickable. The reason is because CL does not like clickable links, and they look to delete your ad quickly if they notice it. A lot of my ads with the clickable link got deleted, while the pictures all stayed up. If you are someone who would rather have a clickable link, then just buy some cheap .info domains and use subdomains to forward to your site. CL will ban your link before too long, but you can continue to purchase new domains. Do not waste your time using tiny*url or other redirect services as CL has almost all of them banned already. Just be creative and make your URL stand out in your picture, and you will be fine..
Flagged Ads
[hide]Some of your ads will get flagged, but don't get discouraged. I think there are people out there that live for flagging ads. Just repost and move on. There is nothing you can do about this, and you're not doing anything wrong when this happens. You'll see your ad flagged more often if you're posting in a category where your ad doesn't fit very good. Just find the best category and go with it.
That's exactly what I do. If your ads stop showing up, simply do an inventory and figure out what you think might need changed (ex. Emails/accounts, picture links, etc). If you think I've left anything out or have any questions, feel free to post them here so I can answer them for all to see. I'm sure I've left something small out, and I'll let you know if anything comes to mind.
If you get this down, and you have no problems, feel free to go out and get some customers of you own. There are plenty of fish in the sea. I could post some ads right now, and have 15 new paying customers by Monday morning. Heck, I'll even outsource some work to you if you feel you really have it down. I have to turn customers down all the time, because I'm working at capacity. There's plenty of opportunity to make money once you have it all down, but DO NOT CUT CORNERS. If anyone wants to take the time of turning this into an ebook, feel free as long as you let me know. I just don't have the time or resources to do it right now. I could care less if it is or isn't, but it could be easier to read and access.
Every part of what I have talked about is essential in making sure your ads show up, so take it slow and make sure everything is perfect.

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