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[VIP Money Making] Fizzle's Media Buying Url Rotator = Cash
A URL rotator can be used for a lot of things; one of the most important would be CPA and affiliate marketing.

It's so simple, yet I can count on two hands the amount of affiliates out of hundreds I’ve met, that are actually using one, and not surprising is that every single one of them makes thousands of dollars a day in net profits.

Quite simply, you can be one of the greatest internet marketers in the world, but you will never be psychic.

You can make an educated guess as to what offer might do well with a certain type of traffic, but you can never really know until you test it.

Most marketers simply pick the offer that THEY feel should perform best, based on their own personal rating system and that's where the problem lies.

Sounds reasonable in theory:

Use your best judgment

Run some traffic

Hope it does well

This is actually a very stupid way to test a new campaign and why so many marketers fail.

I almost never test one offer, I rarely test less than three at a time, and if I can find ten or more which is seldom hard in today’s market, I'll run all ten.

Let's take something as simple as a diet pill.

We'll assume one of your affiliate managers has told you that this diet pill offer is performing very well right now and that you should give it a run.

Great, no problem there, but why not grab a few more diet pill offers and run them on the same traffic campaign to see if one pulls better than another?

I would literally be here all day if I even attempted to list half the offers that I have run thinking they were my best bet at achieving a solid ROI, but it turned out that an offer I hated everything about pulled 3 to even 20 times better.

Had I not run multiple offers to the same traffic, there would be hundreds of thousands of dollars I missed out on and that's not a very comforting thought.

The fact is, my taste is too good, I've seen too much in this business.

For me to buy something, I need to be wowed on many levels, and that is not an easy feat to accomplish.

That right there sums up the majority of internet marketers, they may not yet be at my insane level of skepticism, but they are in the ball park, and that means that they are out of touch with the actual consumer, who knows nothing about marketing, or website design, or red flags that a site is bad news, they just know they were searching for a diet pill and they happened to like the completely bullshit sounding sales letter and fake testimonials.

If you want to be a successful marketer you need to face the fact that YOU would probably never buy 99.9% of the god awful shit that you promote.

This simple fact makes your opinion completely worthless before you ever even choose an offer.

This is why rotating multiple offers is so crucial.

Millions of people bought a "pet rock" in the 80's, it's a driveway rock with a face drawn on it, and people paid up to $9.99 for these things.

If you think you have a chance in hell of putting yourself into the mindset of person who pays ten dollars for a rock, just commit suicide.

There are, in fact, thousands of affiliates who had they just incorporated this simple routine into their testing, would be very wealthy right now instead of in the hole and still working a job they hate.

A great marketer is someone who doesn't try to be the consumer; they allow the consumer to tell them who they are.

Some of the worst sales pages in the history of advertising generate millions of dollars in sales each year, while those that look like a million dollars can't pull a profit, why?

No one knows.

That's the honest truth that is never talked about, we just can't guess our way to what a majority of buyers want to see, and there are way too many variables for any one advertiser to overcome.

If your goal is to pick the perfect offer to run every time you'll never get anywhere.

Rarely will you ever hear me say that a sloppy approach is better than a detailed one, but many times in the case of testing, you just need to mass dump similar offers in a campaign and let the people tell you who the winner is.

I don't choose products for consumers to buy; I let them choose for me and then market the hell out of them.

I don't care if you buy pay per click, pay per view, text ads or banner ads, you can rotate similar offers seamlessly to the same traffic using the same keywords and target URL's, look at the data, and know hands down what is the most profitable offer for you to be running.

Not only that, but in multiple cases you will actually find multiple offers that are pulling a profit out of a test group, offer that you otherwise would have completely ignored.

From web hosts, to porn sites, you can quickly, easily, and cost effectively find the best campaigns to run with a good rotator.

Some rotators are free but very limited, some cost $100 or more for self hosted versions with more versatility.

We've uploaded one here so that you can create your own free account and test with it before you commit to something larger if you like.

Believe me when I tell you to not take what I've just shared with you lightly, if you want to know the secrets of the commission kings, they are exactly what I am giving you.

This is my personal promise to you:

If you will commit to buying as much good traffic as you can afford each week, and send this traffic to rotated similar offers to find the top performing, YOU WILL be able to make this your full time job and earn a very hefty six figures at the low end starting in a few months time.

You can take that statement and do what you want with it, it's not my job to convince you something works, it's my job to tell you what works, what I do, and let you make your own decision.

Make it your life's purpose to find money to buy traffic from this day forward and you will learn this business.

There is simply no way to not win right now, the market is to big and fruitful.

If you put a pot of water over an open flame it will eventually boil, it's just fact, nothing can change that.

And nothing can change that if you will commit to:

Losing a little money each week that doesn't cause you any personal harm

Buying traffic from a new source each time

Testing offer group after offer group

You will continue to find winners, and more winners means more profit, and more profit means eventually you go from being in the red to being in the black, and that my friends means that you eventually find yourself making hundreds of dollars, to thousands of dollars a day with your new skill set.

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