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[VIP Money Making] Fizzle's Joint Venture Intro
[hide]received quite a few requests from members asking if I had any advice I can share on helping them obtain joint ventures for their own products so I thought I'd do a quick write up on my personal experience and if there's more interest from the larger percentage of the member base we can go deeper into it.

When it comes to joint ventures, there's one resounding truth that I discovered very early in, and that is, if you go after small time people, you get small time results.

Actually that statement is true for virtually every aspect of your business and personal life.

It's human nature when trying something new to baby step it, dip your toe in first so to speak.

If you can program yourself to do the opposite of that, you increase your odds of success in everything you do by hundreds of times over, especially business.

When you want to joint venture, what you really want at the end of the day is the top people in that field working with you right?


So why does everyone waste their time emailing small timers who for all they know, are worse off financially or less knowledgeable than them?

Because it's not as scary talking to people in your own peer group.

If I ever wanted to JV in the internet marketing arena, I'd go after the guys with the biggest lists and the most well known names first, then work my way down if needed, not the other way around.

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of most of the big names in internet marketing, but that's irrelevant, probably the only thing they are really good for is joint ventures.

You don't have to like the products or the personalities of the people you JV with, this is business, you're not going on vacation together.

Everyone is so afraid to pick up the phone or write an email to someone at a higher end of the industry and for what? Nothing, because one yes can make you 6 figures in sales in a day, and 1000 no's won't make you any worse off.

I don't know about you, but to me that's a winning proposition 10 times out of 10, nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Those that do have the balls to come out of the gate contacting the larger names in the target industry often drop the ball right after.

Would you respond to one random email from a mystery person asking for a JV? Of course not, and you aren't getting 300 of those emails a day either, so imagine what that's like.

On average I get between 25 and 60 new emails per week and a little over a dozen calls for some type of JV whether it be mailing my lists, partnering on a project, or being interviewed for something someone is doing.

I ignore 100% of them, and I would imagine the same could be said for most anyone who gets the same type of requests.

I don't have time for that ***** and most people are losers with loser propositions who just want to use my abilities to bring them up.

So what makes me, and more importantly everyone else in that position look at you?

Being forced to.

Every few months there's at least one guy who just won't quit. Whether he's aware of it or not, he knows the real secret to JV, being relentless.

Now I'm not at all saying it guarantees a yes, I'm saying it guarantees a real look and a real answer which is what we want.

Email , PM, and phone the shit out of people until they have no choice but to look at your offer and give you a YES or a NO.

It's that simple.

You are in effect annoying the people you want to work with, but it shows drive, it shows you are really interested in working with them specifically and not just sending random email blasts to hundreds of people, and it shows you are really taking this seriously.

There's one fact of industry that will remain true forever:

Experts are always easily accessible.

They have to be, they are "experts" or at least have convinced people they are which means they are on the scene.

These people have websites, emails, and phone numbers listed right there in front of your eyes, all you have to do is harass them into taking a look at you and not settling for anything less.

You also can't be afraid to say No yourself.

If anyone but the person you are seeking contacts you with a No, tell them that is unacceptable and you are not going to stop contacting them until you get an answer from the person you are looking for.

There's been 4 times in my career when just doing that I secured a great deal for myself.

Often times the person you're after doesn't even see those requests in the first place.

I have an assistant whose job it is to keep as much bullshit away from me on a daily basis as possible, other industry professionals are no different.

When they come to you and tell you someone will not leave you alone until you've looked at their offer and personally declined, you can't help but be a little interested, and even if you're not you don't really have a choice because to get rid of them you have to look.

And by have to look, I mean HAVE TO LOOK. Don't settle for an email from [email protected] e-mail address is being protected from **** bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it saying "No thanks". It's probably not even me first of all, and second even if it is me, who says I really looked at the F****** thing?

You need to respond right back with a "Thank you for your time _____, I know how busy you are, and totally respect that, but can you at least take just another minute of your time and tell me exactly what was wrong with my offer? Is it not targeted to your list enough, do you think it's not priced right? Do you feel the landing page could be better? I'd be willing to make any changes you think would make the difference but at the very least if you could just give me some parting advice on what to do next I'd greatly appreciate it and happily give you a testimonial for your products because of your help".

Say it however you want, but FORCE a response. You also may notice in the end I add in one of my personal catch phrases WTFIIFT (What the F***'s in it for them?) being the offer of a testimonial which just about any marketer loves from an unknown person.

You still may not get a yes, but what you can get is insight which in many cases is similar to what others would also think if presented with your offer. Maybe they don't feel they are making enough money off it for it to be worth promoting, maybe they think the lander sucks, maybe they just promoted a similar offer, you don't know unless you ask.

Now that we covered the important points for how to pursue a JV, let's get blackhat. I'm going to tell you one of the dirtiest secrets in obtaining a JV that few people have ever put into motion.

If you do this right, I personally GUARANTEE you, that you will not only get a JV with ANY industry figure that you approach in ANY market, but you will get instant mass exposure and recognition.


Pretend that you are already obtaining success and more importantly that you are successful BECAUSE of one of those persons products.

There is nothing more valuable to a product seller than a customer who claims unbelievable success thanks only to the use of it and the guidance of that figure.

They will trip over themselves to get you on the main page of their website, get you on a webinar, get you everywhere they can to show their potential buyer audience a success story.

Now really we can't know who out there used this trick but I would argue that most of the people you've seen introduced by any of the make money gurus out there was probably a person who figured this out.

Take Frank Kern for example, he recently introduced one of his "students" Trey, some guy who apparently made a fortune just from applying Frank's first info millionaire course.

Did Trey really get rich from reading Frank's course? who knows but let's face it, does it really matter?

Frank almost immediately took the guy under his wing and did a JV course with him, info millionaire 2.

Now whether Trey made any money off reading Frank's stuff is irrelevant, because he sure as F*** banked a fortune on the info millionaire relaunch.

That's just one example, and Trey could really have made his first real money off Frank's stuff, I'm not trying to take anything away from Frank. I'm simply pointing out that all Trey had to do was write Frank professing his undying thanks for changing his life and that if there was anything he could do for Frank to just let him know.

Take that and apply it to any field imaginable and you basically guarantee yourself a seat at the table. All you need to do is approach them as a testimonial to their greatness, make no mention of a possible joint venture initially, and make it all about repaying them for what they've provided you.

In most cases, THEY will then approach YOU to JV, it's second nature to a business person to figure out how much money that can possibly drain out of this relationship.

You can also plant the seed yourself, "Hey, I came up with a few twists and cool things myself while applying all this stuff, I wonder if anyone would be interested in reading something like that".

The bigger the WTFIIFT, the better chance you have of closing a great deal. In this example I gave you, the WTFIIFT is massive, and few would turn down the chance to exploit a glowing testimonial.


By following this dirty little trick, you can easily become an "expert" overnight. If you really pay attention to the internet marketing industry you've seen countless introductions over the past 3 years of people who launched 6 and 7 figure product businesses instantly, simply from being introduced by a large figure as "students" who earned massive amounts of money following their material and now are going to share those experiences and new twists with you.

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