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[VIP Money Making] CPALEAD DOWNLOAD Method

I downloaded the CPAlead ebook, the one that has about 4 or 5 different methods in it and the one that interested me was the DOWNLOAD Method.

It seems like it would be fairly simple to implement and for those of you who aren't familiar with it it goes like this..

[hide]1: find a software that lots of people are wanting.. Zip the file and password protect it...

2: create a text file and name it password with a link to your CPALead widget explaining that once they complete the survey, they can then download the actual password.

3: Take the Password protected software zip and the text tile and combine them in another zip file and upload it to hotfile or another free download service

4: Create a post and submit it to at least 100 DOWNLOAD sites...

The ebook also mentioned it would be a good idea to allow the file to be downloaded unprotected.. for a few days to so the folks who download it give a good response.. then once it gains momentum simply switch out the download with the protected zip..

Just wondering if this method is over-saturated? I"m not sure how old the ebook is but it does seem like a little work and I certainly wouldn't want to spend a lot of time on something that's already dead..

Any thoughts? [Image: huh.gif]

thanks [Image: smile.gif]

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