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[VIP Method + Proof] Easy way to Generate traffic from Facebook
This would be something useful.

Quote:I always generate traffic from Facebook , I consider Facebook is the best source of free traffic.
I am sorry if this method is old/posted , I wanted to share this method here to people who wants to sell there own products , but i used this method to make money to promote cpa offers/viral applications , I made 1k per week without spending much time.

All you need to do is ,
[hide]Make Facebook accounts , add targeted friends as per the city or country you need.
100 friends on each profile is more then enough to start .
If you want to sell a product (post the picture of your product and tag people).
lets say you want to promote a dating offer .
Just post a sexy picture of the profile along with the domain (clocked) in the picture .
Tag as many as you can in the picture . You can tag 95-100 per picture , so the picture along with the affiliate link gets posted on 95-100 friends wall , friends of those friends can see , so it reaches around 10k+ people with this single photo tag Tongue
Tagging just takes 2 mins , just tag and do your other works. You will get lots of visitors slowly..

Its old method but still works ,
This is more effective when you have lots of profile with lots of friends , I used this method one year back for a guy who want to sell shoes online .

Hope this helps for people who wants to promote there website or their own products on Facebook for free.
Give a try with your own account at least ones .
Good luck.

Thanks ,

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