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[VIP] Latest Senuke X Cracked (Just for those searching it here)
Latest Senuke X Crack

This is just another thread for getting this wonderful piece of software working, because I though we need to put it also in the SEnuke X Subforum

1: Install Senuke and update to latest version
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2: Copy and overwrite senuke.exe from the crack folder to the directory senuke x installed

3: Run senuke.exe

4. Email: [email protected]
5. Password: bhtdownloadsrules

The file version will say 1.0.15 but it will be using the lastest files from senuke so you will get the same success rate as with the latest version.

To update remove the host file edit, update senuke x then copy the cracked senuke.exe back to the install directory and re add the host file edit.

Senuke X Crack: SEnukeX.rar
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Senuke X Advanced Templates Download: xstrategies.zip
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Thank you for sharing! Crack not working

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