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[VIP] How to Sell Mobile Sites
I posted this in freebie section also, but I think this is better place for this post.

Some say this is best way to sell mobile sites:

Always host site on your server. Never let client host the site.

There is mobile builder that let you "switch on and off" the mobi site, so of

your client does not pay you simply switch of the site.

- go look for "social mobile platform"

it is not possible to switch off mobile site if the client host the site.

Also, some say that client with these demands for self hosted sites, they are usually

difficult to work with and to stay away from them.

One time upfront fee not less than $297 (get freelance sales reps and pay

them 60% - 70% commission of the one time fee.

Generous commissions makes for happy sales team!

(you not making much here but you make it worth while for sales rep to keep on bringing new clients)

... some consider this a blackhat technique but...

a quick adwords campaign during 1st 2-3 weeks after mobile site implementation,

will boost calls from newly installed mobi site, so client think you the best because you bring

them new clients and will easily buy whatever you offer him...

use some money from once off fee and make adwords campaign for your client.

Your goal is not to make lot of money from once off fee. That once off fee is building long term income!

2 - 3 weeks after site delivery, contact the business with up-sells.

Remember, business person likes you now because of the adwords

(or facebook ads) campaign and all the extra clients to got him, so it is

easy sell for other service because business person got proof that

you bring him more customers.

most of up-sells getting done by hiring outsource people.

It possible to hire outsource person for $200 - $300 per month.

(160 hours that someone works for you)

All up-sells getting done by "you". Client does not blast off sms / email

to database. You do that, but you charge monthly fee.

(4 sms / email blasts per month. more than that is extra fee)

You keep control of mailing databast.

Aweber or whatever autoresponder service / sms service account or any

other service account is in your name.

You pay that account but you charge client that fee +more.

You keep that list when client stop paying your monthly fee and you

switch off their mobi site, so you have instant list to market other things too.

- client paying you to provide service and you pay someone else

to perform that service.

Some things you can make for up-sells

- fb fan page

- linkedin profile

- google places

- mobile coupons

- client database building (email list)

- client database building (sms list)

- google adwords marketing setup and admin

- fb adwords marketing campain setup and admin

- complete site make over (using offline themes makes this super easy)

--- use themes like this: [url=http://blankrefer.com/?
You must post to unlock this link

- seo optimization / blacklink service

- rep management

(i stay away from rep management... PERSONAL OPINION: majority of times a

business with bad online rep deserves it.

I dont want to be responsible for misleading clients into thinking its' a

great business, if in reality, it's not, but that is my personal opinion.)

You are consultant to business, you are not just selling mobile sites. Your goal must

be to get business more clients.

When you get business more clients, then business will keep on paying you every month.

Getting paid average between $300 and $400 monthly from 50 or 60 businesses monthly makes for very nice lifestyle. [Image: lol.gif]

even after paying your outsourcing people.

Can anyone add more monthly up-sell services to list above?


I should have add some pictures and made this post into WSO!!!!!

[Image: biggrin.gif] [Image: biggrin.gif] [Image: biggrin.gif]

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