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[VIP] [HOT] BANK With New FACEBOOK Search Engine
You know Facebook recently launched its new search engine, and its s****** cash machine haha

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This is how you can get highly targeted traffic.

You just enter all you need and hit search, then add all your targeted people to your friends or send messages to them.

<tag>Magic Button : </tag>As you see, these all are targeted people from USA , and they want ipad for free, and if you PM them saying where they can get it, you can bank, they all are from USA , 1 ipad email submit pays out = $1-$5. If you look at this, i can see that you can get 10-30% conversion rate at least.

Send 100 messages, make imacro, super easy work, set it on loop and let it run. Im making it now, will share it when its done. need to fix few problems
10% conversion rate and you just made $10-$50.

Sky is the limit

Now take action and bank

This is cool way to get targeted traffic, im still playing with that, but it will be BIG Wink

<tag>Magic Button : </tag>Credit: ferma231
has anyone been successful trying dis?

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