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[VIP] [Cost Per Action] Fade's Leveraging 4chan For Profit
Hey guys, I posted this in vip because this method could be saturated quite easily. However, there are many different chan sites out there so don't copy this method word for word add your own twist onto it.

[hide]I don't do much cpa stuff so I figure I give this method away. Besides, its not like I could throw it in an ebook and sell it the method can and will get saturated.

There is a method in here how to make 500 in an hour and a half or something that I read and I immediately thought up this twist to it so this is not my original method - just a twist.

4chan is a site with a lot of traffic as I am sure many of you know, the users post vulgar pictures and sometimes even illegal ones. The whole site is driven by HATE. We are going to use that for leverage to make some MAD PROFITS. This is UNTESTED, however, if applied properly I truly believe it will work.

Find an offer to an online game where people can play the game AND interact with one another. This is important.

Head over to 4chan and try to rally them up to go and "destroy" this game. This has happened on 4chan before - they like to destroy kids games and such.

Make sure you have a domain name for this - I don't believe you can post short url links on 4chan but buy a domain.

The idea here is to get 1000's of 4chan users to signup under your link to a game so they can go and "destroy" it. A popular game online today is Enovy. If you can find one similar you will be in business.

The hardest part here is going to be getting people in on this, but if it goes viral you will make mad bank so you may have to study how 4chan works and what the users will react to..

Hope you liked the guide, post results if you try it!

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