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[VIP] [Cost Per Action] Boosey12's CPA and Autoresponder (Gmail and Yahoo)
[hide]Today, I just found out about the Gmail and Yahoo Autoresponder, which have made me about $30... in the past 2 hours (for not doing jack)....

I was used to getting e-mails, and then manually e-mailing people back (for posting stuff on CL).... BUT NOW, I use the Autoresponder... which could come in handy for someone getting a lot of e-mails on any particular CPA offer!!!

For instance...
If you advertise an apartment for rent in New York City...
Make it look amazing...
Have the price set at $500 (remember this is a fake apartment)
Have an e-mail address like ([email protected])
put an ad on CL (Craigslist for those noobs Big Grin)
have the autoresponder say
:::"we are looking for people to rent the apartment...dah dah dah.... do a credit check first with FREECREDITREPORT (where you stick your CPA link in the autoresponder e-mail)....
you're all set!!

of course, you'd have to make it sound a lot better, make sure NOBODY detects spam... and you'll be golden!!!

I, am currently creating over 100 Gmail accounts... and tonight and tomorrow will be my:
"Spam the hell outta CL day".......

and if I make a lotta money, i'll buy you guys a beer!!! Big Grin
and 2 for doc..

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