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[VIP] CoolGuy's Cool Way on How to Bank Big Time Using Pornsites $$$
Upload and Bank Big time using Porn Sites$$$!

Okay i will share one of my Method that's making me decent money every month. This Method is about posting videos with watermark on Porn Sites. its an Auto pilot method and very scalelable. but patient is needed. This Method wont be saturated because there's so many people who visits Porn Sites. and once your video is there it stays for a long time.

Example of Porn Sites

<tag>Magic Button : </tag>There's a lot of Porn Sites in the Net just search for it.

NOTE: I didn't copy this method anywhere. i just saw some videos with watermark on Porn Sites and i twist it.

This Method is so simple but requires patience.

Step 1:

Look for a video of a cam girl. record it using Camtasia or whatever you want.
It's not hard to look for a cam girl video just Choose a Cam Girl who looks amateur.
Don't choose a cam girl who looks professional most guys likes the amateur one.

Here's the link where you can download camtasia
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Step 2:
Look for the dating offers affiliates.
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>then Sign up to all Porn Site's That You Can Find, The more Porn sites the better.

Step 3:

Edit your video and put a watermark on it.

Here's the link where you can watch on how to add watermark on video's using Camtasia
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
The watermark your going to put is your Landing Page or affiliate link. i use .tk for my affiliate link but you can use whatever you want. Also i use domain for my Landing page,i don't use shortener for watermark because most guys don't want to check shortened link.

Example of watermark:

If you want to watch me live check out (Your affiliate link or landing page)
Lets chat on (your affiliate link or your landing page)

You can put the watermark in the beginning of the video in the middle part in the ending or while the video is playing, you can choose whatever you want.

Step 4:

Upload Your Finish Video in the porn sites.

Note: Sometimes it takes 2 days for your video to be live. so just create many accounts...

Step 5:

Repeat the steps everyday

This is an auto pilot Method, and don't expect a conversion right away. because this method requires patience. if your not patient enough don't try this method.

Also don't upload videos with less than 3 minutes in length, upload a video like 4 to 5 minutes in length, because in my experience people don't like to watch if the video is too short.

The more video's you can upload the better chance you will get a conversion. You can also outsource workers if your too lazy to do it, or if you want to scale it up. do this everyday and im sure youll be banking in no time.

You can also put your email address in the video like saying if you want to see more. email me at "[email protected]" then set your Auto responder to respond to the emails. or if you dont have an auto responder just email them manually...

There's so many things you can do with this method just use your imaginatio
So that's it, i think i explained it well just upload videos and wait for the money roll in!!!

[Image: cool.gif]-COOLGUY-[Image: cool.gif]

Additional Info:

Quote:Or you can use Video Charge Studio.Thats what i used and it works great.You can bulk watermark vids with it.

Quote:also, Video Spin Blaster and Mass Video Blaster will help with this.

Video Spin Blaster allows you to create thousands of videos within seconds, you can add video clips along with a list on images, and the software will generate you as many unique videos with the same files as you ask it to.

Mass Video Blaster will allow you to keep your videos uploaded to YT even when they get flagged. Also allows you to add watermarks to the videos.

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