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[VIP COLLABORATION] - GBH Private Torrent Tracker (Updated Jan 28 - 6th Stage LIVE!)
Read this entire post (especially the update sections) and if you are interested in joining, follow the "How To Join" instructions.

Stop asking questions that are already answered in this post!
Everything about the project is listed below. READ before contacting or posting.


Help This Project Grow
Add a link to the project thread in your forum signature. See my signature as an example.

What is this project and is it free?

This is a private torrent tracker that is only available to VIP members of this forum. It is NOT free and NOT included with your VIP membership. This is a separate collaborative project. The fee is currently $10 dollars per month as of Jan 1 2015

This is an enormous undertaking and it is not free nor has it ever been free. There are also MANY "Exclusive" torrents available including many monthly subscription exclusives that are valued at hundreds of dollars monthly. 10 bucks is a no-brainer. With that said, we've chosen a small monthly fee over using common ratio donations because it's reliable and fixed, where donations are unreliable and a guessing game. This brings long term stability to this project.

In fact, as more servers and drives are acquired, the cost of membership for NEW members will increase to compensate. Secure your membership at the current rate and you will always be set (grandfathered) at your initial subscription rate.

The Original Post That Started The Project:

File hosts (especially copy.com) have become a pain in the ass and unreliable, especially for larger files. Mirrors are constantly being deleted and dropped. Not to mention how much time is wasted making more mirrors. There needs to be a more stable method of keeping shares alive on here and torrents are the logical next step.

And speaking of Copy, here's exactly why this project exists:
[Image: snap.jpg]
So now every copy.com mirror link all over GBH (which number in the thousands) will be dead after May 1. Good luck getting all of your data moved and links updated. What a complete waste of time and effort...

There's also many courses, video, documents, books etc. that cannot be obtained anymore. These archives also need a digital home. More often than not... these courses and products are far more valuable than anything new hitting the market!

This will be a private system accessible to established VIP members who contribute to it.
(contribution details below)

This should solve a lot of headaches with files being dumped as well as keep a lot of leechers out of the loop.

Why A Private Torrent Tracker?

The short answer - It's private and downloads are "spread out" across many users in a "hive" setup so downloads are stable and fast. The servers are also at multiple bulletproof hosting locations so no worries about downloads, listings or archives disappearing.

If you don't know what a torrent tracking system is- here's a wicki about it.

You must post to unlock this link

If you don't know what torrents are or how to download them- here's a detailed tutorial:

You must post to unlock this link

(It sounds really technical and complicated, but they are easy to use once you get the hang of it. The learning curve is quick.)

This would also be useful for GBs.

The long answer -

Here's exactly why I personally prefer torrents (especially PRIVATE trackers) over any other archive or file access and this is exactly why this tracker was built.

- I don't know about you, but I can't stand all the d*** popups, download hoops you have to jump through, timers, dead links, malware, ads disguised as download links and all the other ridiculous bullshit all these file share sites toss in your face. I'm done with that. This is one of the main frustrations that forced this project into existence.

- Popular torrents are available on multiple systems and networks and backed up all over the place.

- Seedboxes are fast and secure and can protect your privacy. There are no access logs kept, they are private, have their own IPs and are also in bulletproof locations.

- Files that are mirrored on seedboxes (like every file on this tracker) never disappear or die even if nobody on the tracker is seeding anymore. The systems seed cluster will always seed.

- There are no timeouts to deal with. Torrent clients will sit there and upload/download files 24/7 as long as the computer is connected to the net. If it's interrupted, it simply picks up where it left off when it gets back online.

- No 3rd party bullshit to deal with. No worries about their services going down or deleting files and deleting accounts, no ads, no clickbait, no limited download rates or any of that kind of bullshit.

- Even low bandwidth connections benefit from the ability to have torrents working 24/7. My personal upstream sucks, yet I still work with torrents without any problem. I just leave it on and it will eventually complete no matter what my rate is.

- Data being transferred is encrypted and private and you also have the ability to make your account private as well. You can even set your uploads as anonymous if you wish.

In time this will grow into a powerful and valuable resource with the sole goal of being a brotherhood of like minded Entrepreneurs that help each other become more successful, not only with money, but in life, in mindset and in character. It's all about helping your fellow GBH brothers (and sisters).

The Background:

If you've been following along you know how this got started and what it involved. For those of you new to this, I'll try and briefly sum it up so you get up to speed.

First, we got a group of people together that were willing to become paid contributors and members of the tracker. We had a goal of getting 100 people confirmed to see if there was enough interest before we spent time, money and resources creating it.

Once the goal was achieved, a payment site was set up, contributors subscribed and we began implementing the project. The servers and software purchased, staff set up and all that happy crap.

Currently the system is live and we are setting up members accounts and improving the site. You can read through the updates which I've moved further down in this post because it was getting bloated. There's also a bunch of questions answered in the below FAQ that should get you up to speed on how this project evolved and where it currently stands.

There's also a lot of info and updates through the other pages of this thread.

The Future:

The future looks bright. As we gain more members there should be lots of high quality torrents added, solid group buys occurring as well as valuable content in the forum.

I have some ideas that will help this grow into a great resource as well as some cool things that will help members earn more cash online as well as off. One of which is a mirroring set of drives to mirror and archive the majority of "Quality" GBH [GET] shares. My goal from the start was to create something that focuses on "Quality Over Quantity" so you wont see a bunch of shit usefless shares on it. EVERYTHING posted is of quality.

How To Join:


I cannot respond to you if you have your private messages turned off.
Go into your control panel and go to the edit section options:
You must post to unlock this link

Make sure you place a check in the receive private messages box:
[Image: snap.jpg]

You must post to unlock this link
a PM with the subject: "Joining Project" and you'll receive a reply with the sign up details and how to proceed from there to obtain your account.

Important: Read the rest of this post before joining, especially the FAQ. I don't want you to expect to log-in the tracker and see a million torrents. This is brand new, it will take time for everyone to start creating torrents. If that is a problem, do not join. If anything else you read on here is a problem. Do not join.

The tracker is a free bonus to you as long as you're a paid subscriber to the arranged trainer site. [Image: wink.gif]

There is ONE way to receive an account on this tracker and that is by PM. IF you fill out the application on the tracker site you'll be ignored and blocked. All accounts are screened and MANUALLY created through GBH. Period.
[ IF YOU DO NOT PM YOUR REQUEST FOLLOWING THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN] If you have your PM's turned off, you will obviously not receive a reply. CHECK that first before sending a PM.

The access link, log-in info, forum links etc. will be sent to you after your account is "manually" set up and validated.

FAQ, Info And Updates Below...

FAQ - Recent Questions Answered:

Can I quit and come back and are there refunds?
There are no refunds and canceled accounts are banned immediately without refund and added to the block list. Look, we know how the leecher game works. Leecher signs up for a month, raids the tracker, quits/cancels and then comes back in a couple months and does it all over again over and over. That's not gonna happen here. You quit, you're gone for good unless you have a really good reason for the lapse. Period.

If this is a problem, do not join. If there is a dispute, you'll also be banned from here. There's ZERO reason for any of it.The payment is small and just a single torrent could be worth 100x that. It's also not fair to other users who do participate and seed and who are serious about this project.
Do not sign up if you are not serious about this project or don't intend on sticking around.
This system is for serious users only. If you're a tire kicker and not serious about it, this is not for you. Its as simple as that.

Obviously there could be circumstances that would require a lapse in your membership. If that is the case, contact us and we'll make note of it in your account so you don't get blocked and so your account does not get deleted. A simple PM heads up will do.

I Paid, How Do I Set Up My Account or Log-In?
Follow the simple steps in the PM you were sent. It clearly stated to send NonConformer a PM after you paid for a subscription with the subject "Paid" and to include the email you want to use on the tracker. Your account will be created for you manually using the email address you sent.

How Do I Get Help or Support?
Post a message on the internal forum in the help section or use the help desk when logged into your account. (help desk link is at the top of the screen menu) DO NOT use the trainer site for support, questions, requests or anything else. It has absolutely nothing to do with this torrent tracker system other than a bonus arrangement. Send NonConformer a private message if you have a tracker sign up problem.

Can we run group buys?
Yes, there will be a section in the tracker forum for GB's.

Can We Request Torrents?
Yes, there is a request section as well as assistants who rip and create torrents. You'll see the link and info on the log-in page. Requests will be filled by other members or the admins if they come across the item.
Do not make torrent requests on the trainer site, that site has nothing to do with the tracker.

Can we post our torrent links on the forum?
Yes, of course. It's actually encouraged for faster reliable downloads. And yes, you can post them in the freebies sections as well. Non tracker members will not be able to access the torrents anyway so it really does not matter if there are leechers who see your inks. They can't access it.

What torrent client should I use?

Use whatever you want, but most people use uTorrent because it's simple to use, stable and been around for a long time.
You must post to unlock this link
We recommend any version of uTorrent before they sold out and got bloated, which would be 3.2 or earlier. You'll see a thread on the tracker forum with links to many different versions that you can choose.

Do not worry if you do not know how to use torrents. Just read the posts on the home page when you log in and go through some of the links in the forum I posted. There are some good tutorials and advice as well as people there to help you along if you run into any problems or need a hand..

There is a detailed guide and tutorial with screenshots about torrents, seeding and also downloading.

Can I create torrents now or is this still testing?

Yes, please do, you can create as many torrents as you want now. Have at it. Every torrent you create will be mirrored on the trackers seedbox cluster. [Image: smile.gif] The only stipulation is that that torrent be of high quality. In other words, do not post crap time wasting shares.

Do I have to seed?
You are NOT required to seed at all, however, it's common courtesy to at least seed back what you download. That's one reason we have a seedbox cluster. Everyone should seed because it helps keep the hive large and active. You won't be banned for not seeding. (You should seed for at least the time it takes for the seedboxes to mirror your torrent though.)

Obviously if you created a torrent you would have to seed it long enough for it to be copied.

There is one stipulation. If you are downloading a ridiculous amount of data (terabytes of data) and killing servers bandwidth without seeding anything back, we're going to cap your account. It's just not fair to other members. This will be a case by case basis if it ever arises, which I doubt it ever will so enjoy downloading whatever you want and don't even pay attention to seeding or ratios. [Image: smile.gif]

Can I post adult content?
Yes, there is an adult category section that prevents the torrent titles from showing up in the main torrent listing. You guys that want to create adult related torrents can do it in that section without anyone else seeing it or complaining about it.

UPDATES - Last Updated Jan 28
(Stage 6 Begins Jan 31)

Update - Jan 28

(This only applies to those who subscribed at 14 dollars) - As per the PM notice in the tracker. We've secured a long term lease on our server farm. If you didn't get the PM and are wondering why your subscription was canceled, read the PM and sign up at the current 10 dollar rate on the link provided. Everyone that subscribed at 14 dollars had their subscription canceled and can rejoin at the permanent 10 dollar rate. [Image: smile.gif]

Why? - We cannot change your subscription price on your account so we just canceled them. Simply resubscribe using the link provided.

There's enough membership now to keep the 10 dollar price permanent.

Update - Dec 2

I'm happy to report that there are no major project updates needed as this system is running as planned with zero problem and now focused on archiving files and scaling it all up.
[Image: happy.gif]

The only update to report is a local library cloning that is underway right now for the next 24 hours or so. After that, they'll be a memory upgrades across all servers along with routine maintenance and then it's back to business as usual.

Update - Aug 24


Here's another benefit of your BHT membership:

Many of you might not know this, but we (meaning staff) have memberships to many different file sites, including premium file share sites. Don't waste your money and time messing around with these sites to grab files/shares, especially if it's just for a large share you are after.

Instead, send a PM on the tracker to "mcseedy" or post a request in the BHT request forum section and we'll grab them and create a torrent for you.

Read the news update on the front page of the tracker and you'll see the ink to PM mcseedy.

Update - Aug 10

BHT Exclusives

This fall/winter you will see many more BHT Exclusives including ongoing subscription exclusives. For example, (see the notice on the tracker main page when you log in), which will be included shortly.

BHT Exclusives remain on the tracker, anyone found leaking content will be thrown out permanently. Period. No 2nd chances, no warning, no nothing. I don't care how long you've been a member of GBH. You leak and you are done.

Classic Gold Shares

Besides the normal torrents being added to the tracker, over the next several months (as well as permanently ongoing), you're going to see a lot of content from our libraries. You'll see many classic masterpieces full of gold just waiting for you to capitalize on. Many that are no longer being sold.

Now you already know I am picky about what gets archived on here and only focus on high quality content. With that said, I implore you to [underline]ignore the dates[/underline] on any of this upcoming content, especially the copywriting and direct response related shares. They are absolute gold and the release dates are meaningless. This is evergreen content.

As I've said on GBH many times, this isn't produce. There's no expiration date on it.

Content Suggestions - If there's a "quality" content based subscription or classic share that you'd like to see on here, let us know. Either post in the tracker forum or PM me on here or GBH and I'll add it to the list. I, as well as the other admins will check it out and see if it's available. Smile

I can't stress "quality" enough. No shit wso's or any other time wasting garbage will be entertained on here. If you suggest a WSO, make sure it's of high quality. Yes, I know that is about as rare as a 2 dollar bill. [Image: wink.gif]

2. Site Update - Some updating is taking place on the tracker, if you notice some strange changes in how torrents are listed and displayed, just bear with it. Instead of taking the site offline, I just let them work on it live since it's only minor changes that affect the display of data. Basically we're giving you a heads up that you might see some strange data displayed or missing, no need to report it, it will resolve shortly.

3. Users Seeds - Some members have slower connections, it takes time for their torrents to upload and get archived. As long as you see a numeral in the seed column, it will be archived. I am posting this because some people have reported torrents thinking there is something wrong with them or with the tracker when in reality it's the posters connection, which brings me to this:

If you have a slow connection, put a note at the top of your torrent listing stating this so other members know and don't think there's a problem with your torrent. You can remove the note once the torrent is archived.

Update - Jan 31

- Archiving is now beginning. You'll see a lot of various shares being backed up and archived in torrents now. This will be a long term ongoing process. And as with new shares, it will be focused on high quality over quantity.

- Requesting Old Shares - If there are older shares/products that you would like to see listed and archived, add a request in the tracker request system. You'll see the request link in the upper right header of the site. Please include a link to the GBH thread that the request refers to.

- PM Messages - Look, I give up already on you people that are sending me join PM's yet have your private message turned off. Obviously I can't send you a reply if your messages are turned off. I'm just going to delete your requests from now on.

- Exclusive Torrents - If you have a share that you want to remain exclusively on the tracker, add the tag: [BHT EXCLUSIVE] to the beginning of your torrent listing. Anyone caught sharing an exclusive torrent offsite will be banned.

Update - Dec 15

- Got rid of a couple of idiots.
- Added torrent bookmarking, which you'll see at the top of the page now.
- Some profile updates allowing avatars, reset the rss feeds, added some stats and you can hide your profile if you wish.
- Similar torrents will now show up on listings and the search has some advanced features added now.

Tomorrow we will be adding more memory to the system so the site will be down briefly during that upgrade. Shouldn't be long at all.


Update - Dec 13 - 2 things today.

1. WELCOME GUIDE - We're creating a "Welcome" PDF for members, which will cover how to
create as well as how to download torrents, a few other tips and common
problems and solutions that can occur with torrents.

If you have any questions or ideas to add to it, please PM me and we'll work them in. And yes, I'll also post the PDF in the tracker forum and on the log-in page for you to download.

2. DRIVE SWAP - We'll be swapping out a drive later today. This means we'll have to take the
server offline for approximately 30 minutes. If you notice the site down, that's why. No need to report it, just be patient and it will be back up as soon as the swap is done.

Dec 7 Update - The 5th stage will begin in January. You'll see another update about it.

[/size][/size]With that said, we are going to need help creating torrent listings and mirrors for various shares around the forum. These will be PAID assistant tasks. This is a chance for a select few GBH members to earn extra cash helping with torrent listings and mirrors around the forum. Your tracker account will also be included. Note - If you already make decent money online, leave these positions for members that truly need the extra money.

There is an application process you'll need to go through. Fill out the application in detail and they'll be reviewed. We'll decide who gets positions based on the details you provide, so be thorough.

If you fill this out half-assed, your application will be deleted and ignored. We want members that are serious about growing this tracker long term. If you don't take it seriously, we won't take you seriously. We'll simply give the tasks to other members that will. You already know by now I have zero patience for nonsense or jackasses on here.

What is involved?

- Pulling files remotely and organizing them in preparation for a torrent.
- Creating torrents on a seedbox cluster as well as their detailed listing on the tracker.
- Posting the torrent mirror links like many of the mirrors you already see around the forum using a consistent format. (you can see an example further down in this post).
- Posting updates to the members blog.

Update - There seems to be some confusion here. You are not required to buy anything for these tasks, you don't need a seedbox or premium accounts anywhere. The questions about seedboxes are simply to help us analyze who has experience and who does not.

You must have experience with torrenting including creating torrents.

Compensation will be discussed privately.
Apply here:
You must post to unlock this link
(ignore everything else on that site as nothing is live other than this application)


Nov 5 Update - 10 Terabytes of mirroring drives are on order. Once they arrive, GBH shares for the VIP sections and freebies will start being archived and mirrored as well as copied to the seed cluster. You'll start seeing torrent mirrors pop up around the forum.


Oct 28 Update -We are going to be doing some changes to the systems layout/theme over the next week or so. If you notice anything weird or out of place, just ignore it, no need to report it.

These changes will NOT affect any of the torrents or the system functionality. The only thing it might affect on your end is the search box.

Oct 15 Update - Stage 4 begins today, which is basically the beginning of filling the tracker with torrent goodness. [Image: 42rock.gif]

All server testing, torrent testing, seedbox cluster testing etc. is complete and all problems resolved. The software updates on the seedboxes are finished and they are running perfectly. I've also removed the test torrents and deleted the test category. Consider this tracker 100% ready to go now. Upload to your hearts content. [Image: smile.gif]

The seedboxes will grab every torrent added to the tracker and provides seeds indefinitely.

Mirroring Forum Shares With A Torrent - I'll be mirroring the majority of my share threads on the forum by creating a torrent for them. I'd suggest you do the same with yours as it will keep the shares permanently alive, which is the main goal here. Doesn't matter if all the mirror links or direct download links get deleted, the torrent will remain alive.

Note: Do not create threads with torrent only links on GBH. Simply add a torrent mirror link to an already existing thread. The goal is not to force people to join the tracker to obtain files, the goal is to provide a bulletproof archive mirror listing of existing files.

If you did not receive a reply to your join request PM, I'll get to the rest today. I'm behind on messages.

I'm also adding some sticky threads in the forum with info and tutorials on downloading torrents, opening ports and seeding if anyone needs that info. Should be up by the end of today. It's actually what I'm doing this afternoon.

Read the sticky post there now about the seeding IPs. If you've had any problem downloading or seeding, that will get you fixed right up. Simply allow the IP and you'll be good to go. [Image: cool.gif]


Oct 13 Update - Having a problem "creating" torrents on our seedbox cluster. We can (and have) mirror the torrents already on the tracker, but there's some king of library issue
with rUtorrent and the torrent files it's creating.

If you see any torrents with "test" in the title, just bypass them.

None of this will affect torrents members upload and we'll continue to mirror all the torrents regardless. We might have to just dump rutorrent and switch to another client.

Also added a refund/account deletion notice and seed info to the FAQ.


Oct 11 Update - Seedbox cluster is live and configured. In fact, all the torrents on the tracker have already been mirrored and provided seeds. [Image: wink.gif]

I also just added a guide on checking to see if your torrent has a correct PID and how to create one if it doesn't. You'll see the link to it in the news update on the home page.

Oct 10 Update - PP, Forum, Seedboxes
  • The PP issue has been resolved!

  • The forum sections have been added including the group buy section and business discussions. Feel free to use them now and if you want to run GB's go right ahead. There's enough people signed up to make it doable. Jump in and use them, no use if everyone is sitting around waiting for everyone else to comment or post threads.

  • The seedboxes are ordered and being set up right now. We're going to spread them out a bit so they are not in the same location. Actually not even in the same country. Smile

  • There is a request mod activated on the tracker. You'll see the "Requests" link located in the top menu right next to the FAQ link. You can use it to request torrents.

Oct 7 Update - The Torrent Creation Guide has been added to the site.

You'll see the PDF download link in the top news post on the home page when you log in. I recommend everyone read it, even if you're familiar with torrents. It includes a step by step guide with screenshots on creating torrents with all the settings and details you need to properly create a torrent that connects correctly with the tracker. Some settings are different since it's a private tracker and these details them out.

There's also been a Torrent Help section added to the forum in case anyone needs a hand creating or downloading torrents.


Oct 5 Update - The internal forum platform has been upgraded and it's installed successfully. Now it's just some configuration and getting the categories/topics up. Thanks to ratzazz for handling the supermoding so I didn't have to choke someone. lol

The forum integration also handles the tracker mailboxes so you don't have to go logging into multiple boxes. Everything is neatly organized and handled by the forum
PM manager.

Next in line is to get the permanent seedbox servers in place. [Image: smile.gif]

They'll also be two themes modded shortly. A dark theme that closely matched GBH and a lighter theme. You'll be able to switch between them for those who don't like black backgrounds. My goal is to make both easy on the eyes, less bloated and to trim up everything so it's well organized and easy to navigate.


Oct 1 Update - Just finished sending the tracker account details to everyone who has been subscribed. You'll find the details on creating and accessing your tracker account in the reply to your "PAID" PM.

[size=large]The 3rd stage involves getting everyone set up in the tracker, configuring and activating modules, setting up the internal forum (which will provide help with torrents) and making sure there are no problems with the system.

Remember, this is a brand new setup, it's going to take time for people to settle in, start getting the feel for everything and comfortable creating torrents. There are some heavy hitters that will be posting lots of torrents. Give them time. There's also a lot of people who have not created their accounts yet.

As soon as the forum is up and I take care of some guidelines and PDF we'll get the seedbox server setup.


Sep 30 Update - Ok, the recompiling is complete and the new backend is up and working. (see post #184
You must post to unlock this link

Give us about 24 hours to test another group of torrents before we create user accounts.

If you are testing - be sure to read the update post inside the tracker that contains the new announce url.

I'm deleting the last group of test torrents now and we can start the next round of test torrents.


Sep 29 Update - We're testing a few torrents right now. If no problems arise, I'll start creating members accounts and sending out your log-in details.

Internal Forum - The internal tracker forum might have to wait a few days. We ended up running into a database problem with simple machines and the bridge over, but it will not affect torrents at all. We could also use the trackers built in forum, but simple machines has far more features.

Categories Set - If you'd like to see other categories or have a suggested change, let me know. (CPA/PPD has been added)

These are the current categories:

[Image: tracker_categories.jpg]


Sep 28 Update - To address a couple PM's and questions.

- I am doing exactly what you are doing, waiting for the tracker and modules to be configured. They are actually doing that now as I type this. I do know there was some kind of problem with the install that they are fixing. It was a compatibility problem. Not sure what it was/is and really don't care, they know what they are doing and they'll handle it.

- Yes I have your "paid" pm's. As soon as I am able to create tracker accounts I will reply to your PM with your tracker log-in details. You can then log in and change your password to whatever you want.

- Keep in mind that it will take a while for everyone to start adding torrents. So be patient, this is a brand new tracker. It will "grow" into an incredible resource over time. It's not going to be magically filled with thousands of torrents as soon as it's turned on. There won't be unicorns inside either.
[Image: unicorn_farts.jpg]

- The first thing I will do besides creating everyone's accounts; is to figure out and set up the categories for torrents.

Other than what I just mentioned, everything is good to go. Even if there are a few hic-ups at first, things will smooth out.


Sep 26 Update - The server set up and configuration is now completed and it's fast and smooth. [Image: smile.gif] The tracker system has been ordered and paid for and they'll be installing it shortly.

Also sent PM's with sign up details to the waiting members of the next 2 groups to replace the people that never signed up from the 1st group. I'll probably finish all the rest of the PM's for the remaining waiting list over the weekend. So hang tight and you'll get your sign up info soon.


Sep 24 Update - The server is live and all the software is installed. The configuration will be finished tonight. As soon as that is finished up, the tracker system will be installed and configured.

Only about half of the first group actually signed up. There was ample time given so I'm just going to give their spots to the rest of you waiting in the other groups. You'll get a PM from me soon with the sign up details.


Sep 21 Update - Bitcoin has been added using Coinbase. They have automated renewal, but they do not have bi-annual subscriptions so I only listed quarterly and annual options. Don't want to use coinbase? You can send the transaction instead.

Wallet to Wallet - IF you'd rather use a direct wallet to wallet transaction instead of coinbase, contact me and I'll send you the info for that.

Sep 20 Update - Server is ordered. [Image: smile.gif] Next will be installing and configuring all the server software and then the tracker install will take place.


Sep 19 Update - First group, your private messages have been sent with the sign up details. Important - A few of you have your PM's turned off. You need to check that or you won't receive the sign up info.

Tracker domain secured. (note: sign ups are NOT on the tracker domain)

Sep 18 Update - Great news today. FINALLY, we have the pieces in place to start! [Image: smile.gif]

I'll be starting on getting the 1st group of members subscribed tonight and
we'll start working on the server tomorrow and getting the tracker live.

If you're in the first group, you'll receive a private message from me with the sign up link and details.

NOTE: Only PP for now, but I do want to add bitcoin, payza and possibly some other options as requested by users. Maybe you can save me some time here. What do you guys think is the easiest way to set up bitcoin subscriptions? Never used it for subscriptions before. Any services, plugins etc. Shoot me a PM please.


Member Goal Reached - 2nd Project Stage Begins

Sep 11 Update - Lots of changes and all of them are good, [Image: smile.gif]I'll also answer some of the questions we've gotten at the end of this.

1. We've now reached out member goal and this project is moving into the next stage, which means it's going to happen and happen soon. Wooop! (Thank you all for helping spread the word and for supporting it.)

2. - We will be using a different tracking system than the original test tracker. One main reason is stability and the other is for support. We will be going with a fully modded xbt tracker with paid support. This is a rock solid system and well tested and supported. It also has a LOT of great features added to it.

3. - We've gotten someone to handle the subscriptions, servers and seedbox accounts as well as support. She'll be paid staff and she is highly reliable and professional. She has no interest in GBH so has no vested interest in this other than making sure shit is handled.

4. - There will be multiple seedboxes to mirror ALL torrents. This basically means no torrent will ever die and there will always be backups at the ready. New seedboxes will come online as the others fill.

5. The monthly fee for the tracker will be $10 U.S. dollars per month. There will be monthly, quarterly, bi annual and annual pay options to accommodate everyone. If a lot more members end up joining we might be able to drop it lower depending on how much disk space and bandwidth we are averaging. - Note member who were part of the start-up and joined before Jan 1 2015 will be grandfathered in at their current subscription rate.

6. Payza and some other options will be added in the near future. We do not have accounts setup for them yet.

Questions And Answers:

What's taking so long?

It's taken a while to get the word out and enough people committed to being members. There's also a lot involved with this especially with billing, accounts, offshore servers, "reliable" staff etc. This isn't a little project. Have patience and you will be rewarded.

I can't use paypal, will there be other options?
Yes, see point 6. If you cannot get in right at the start because you cant use PP, just wait until the other accounts are setup.

I've never used a torrent tracker- can I still become a member?
Yes, torrents are not hard to use and the torrent client is free. There will be a PDF manual that will walk you through creation and seeding torrents as well as downloading them. It will be short and simple even if you've never used a torrent before. They'll also probably end up being a few screencast videos with an "over the shoulder" walk through.

How do I sign up?
I'll reply to your original PM with the sign up link and detailed instructions. It will be for an UNRELATED membership site for security reasons as well as privacy. You become a member there and you'll receive the tracker account as a free unrelated bonus. ALL accounts will be manually created. You should use your GBH username as your username on the tracker.

IMPORTANT - When the first group signs up, we'll purchase the server and have xbt installed. It will probably take them a couple of days to configure the server and install the tracker. So keep that in mind. And keep in mind you will not have an account created instantly if you are part of the initial group of signups. I will keep this thread updated when that time comes and let everyone know the status of it all.

What's the password?
STFU already about passwords! [Image: lol.gif]

Still Needed:

- Help spreading the word about this thread (see end of thread)
- Uploaders to create new torrents, especially for new VIP downloads. My upstream is horrible so this is where you guys with large bandwidth come into play. Upload them and once we can access the torrents we'll transfer them to our seedbox clusters where they will remain seeding forever. [Image: 42rock.gif]

The more uploaders the better. And once our seedboxes have downloaded the torrent completely, you no longer have to seed them if you don't want to.


This will be a slow roll out and we'll add small groups at a time. Basically to avoid any problems with a ton of heavy users all using the tracker at once. And I also want to watch for bugs and problems.

Every day I will send a new group of people the sign up info until the whole group is live. So give it some time to get your sign up info.

Remember, this is a large project. I would say to expect a few scattered problems and some hic-ups for the first couple of weeks as everything gets sorted out and everyone gets comfortable using it. So don't expect to sign up and see a 100% perfect system filed with a million torrents. It will take time for members to populate files and smooth out.

This is a long term project and will be here for a very long time, many many years! Lets do it right and make something stable, secure and awesome.
READ THIS -> PM me if you want to participate so I can keep track of everyone for now. I'm not constantly going to be digging through this thread to find your "I'm in" posts. in other words, respect my time here. Either PM me or don't complain when you are left out and your post isn't seen. I'm not trying to be a dic.k here, just busy with this and many other things, plus modding.



Only established VIP members that are willing to contribute.

Contributions can be in the form of the monthly fee, which will be as small as possible and/or help with torrent management, creating torrents, modding. If enough people are involved it should only be a few dollars or so a month to run it. Like I said in another post, I do not want money to be a barrier for anyone.

What is the fee for and how much will it be?

The fee will be a monthly fee and is for the tracker server hosting and bandwidth fees, tracker staff support, staff for accounts and server management, seedbox accounts etc. The amount will depend on how many people want to become members and the volume of use. The more members, the lower the cost. We are trying to keep it at around 5 dollars or lower per month.

How To Help Get This Started Right Now?

Without enough members this will go nowhere
- It would be great if you could help spread the word to other VIP members and give them the torrent thread link:

You must post to unlock this link

Put it in your signature for a couple of days to create more awareness. The more VIP members that get on board the better. (see my signature as an example)

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