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[VIP 2013 Money Method] Make Extra $3000 A Month STEP BY STEP!!! Newbie Friendly!!!
This method will make you money, there should be no excuses.
This Works and Will Work if you Take Action !

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=23115&stc=1]

This method involves making accounts on social sites, dating sites or any other site you want.
This is my step by step method, and you can make $100/Day easily if you try,

EVEN MY 15 YEAR OLD BROTHER MADE $230 A DAY ON HIS SECOND DAY WHEN HE STARTED THIS METHOD, Without any experience in IM also with bad english

His stats in 3 days if i remember right

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=23116&stc=1]

Step By Step Method

1) Make Account on any dating or social site. I used tagged.com, because i can targetd any country i want and tagged cna get you thousand of dollars. Make girl account, dont use some model image, use nice, regular girl images, believable of course, add more then 1 image, complete acc add some info, just few fields.

2) Make email account for your girl, use it to be real, if acc name is Jane, use email "[email protected]" , something releated to her name. I used Gmail for this purpose. Go to Settings -> Vacation responder and turn it on, then enter message here. It is important, will explain later why. You need to enter message for guys who will email you, and make them to sign up on your CPA offer.

WHY you need email ?

Because tagged.com dont allow clickable links on their site. we need to find way to get clickable links to get higher CTR and conversion rate.

Hey Im glad to see your email SmileThath tagged chat really sucks.Better Use my favorite page: *LINK* My nick: NaughtyAngel69There you can see more my pictures and there I'll send to you my number too.I'm promise 100%. SmileSee you there. Smile Jane
Please make it look nice and smooth
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=23117&stc=1]
Dont use this, because about few thousand guys have seen this email text Wink Use brains and come up with something else, or you will get low conversion rate.

Almost done. Now go to tagged account, Edit profile, add on tagline, somewhere on about me and add this as update on your home page, Say something like this

Hey, i cant and wont answer messages on tagged, please email me at *EMAIL*
There should be 3 or 4 places where you put this message, also you can edit profile pic and add email adress on image.

How this works ?

When people see your acc, they also see email, and they will email you, when they do, they get auto message with clickable link, they click it and they sign up

To get more views i used 1 simple tactic

Go to Friends -> Meet me

Get autoclikcer bot and click on YES as much as you can. It will make you enough traffic, trust me .
Bot i used :
You must post to unlock this link

To get friends, you can use imacro script, this will make even more traffic to your acc

Script :
Go to Friends -> Browse, choose country, update and open 1st people account and run imacros, Continue that part where it add as friend and let it go.
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>

5) Take action

This probably is the simpliest method EVER, it will make money and it makes money, you just need to take action, you can get as much as you want, $100 should be easy without hustle even for complete NOOB.
I have teached this method to complete noobs without any experience and they do make nice $$$, why cant you ?

There are other sites what you can try


And more
thanks for sharing
thanks for sharing

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