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[Tutorial] Proven methods to make money and steady income with Adult networks
Ok here is a tutorial on how to make a steady income of several hundred up to several thousand $ a month guaranteed with adult!
Its not like those game CPA offers that everyone promotes and are saturated quick, nor "hacks" or any scam tricks, users will get what they want. nothing deceiving..
If you want quick money without work then this is not for you, but if you aren't afraid to put a bit of effort behind it, this can make you a steady income for sure!
You don't require a huge budget to get started, but it would certainly help if you can spare a few dollars. That being said, if you can afford a domain and a server you can also make use of this, but it will take more time.

- i've added aff links to the tutorial
- i mention my own software that is available as BSO
the technic involves some networks and my software hence why i mention them. the aff links are as bonus for myself because i thought why the F*** not?
i give out a free proven method as tutorial so there isn't any harm done if you'd sign up via my links. you won't lose out, or earn less, so i figured its not a big deal and maybe some people are nice enough to use them to give something back for the method i shared.. however apparently some users here get really upset and freak out over aff links, so i added this disclaimer. you can of course also just take the method and use other networks/tools, thats up to you.

Ok lets get started first of all we need something to promote to get commissions from:

1. Get offers to promote

Signup to this CPA network:
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You can use your own if you have one that converts well, but thisone is the one that converted best for me if it comes to PPL, especially the dating offers!
Since they have all kinds of different offers for PPL/PPS if you want to make fast money, you should go with PPL and generally smaller offers that pay you for signups or surveys.

If you are looking to make more money on the long run, here is my absolute favorite adult network:
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You get revenue share from all customers you refer, so each time they buy you get commissions again! They also provide complete PHP websites you can host on your own server! I still have customers there that i sent there in like 2011 and today they still buy once in a while.Granted it took a few years to get there, but now i make at least 1-2k a month from that program alone! So like i've mentioned with this program it will first take a while until you have collected a small user base, but if you put some effort into this, it will be a steady passive monthly income of several hundred dollar/euros after a few months! If you work hard you can also get up to a few thousand, seriously!

2. Create a Website or a few (optional, but you make much more profit if you include this step!!)

If you dont want to create a site go to step 3, but remember this works much better if you do the following:

If you don't have adult domains already, get some new ones currently there are offten offers for .xyz for under $1 the first year! Get a bunch of those, or if you have some budget, get a few expired adult domains as expired domains offten work great if they have a somewhat good link profile.

Get a website up, preferably a wordpress blog as they seem to perform best for me. You can start with 1 site, but if you want or can you should create as many as possible. If you want to save on domain costs, you can also use subdomains they also work well and you wouldn't need to buy different IP's either.

I use ARGO content generator to create these blogs, as it allows me to create a complete wp blog (including installation on the server and configuration) in minutes ready to be used/promoted. I have to add that its my own software and i'm not trying to promote it in a sneaky way here, but i originally made it for myself and just released it, because friends on bhseos.com pushed me to do so in 2011 and since then i keep developing it..so that being said, i use it myself and thats why i made it so i know it works and this isn't some sales bullshit, honestly! If you're interested to get it, i offer a 20% coupon if you signup on one of the above networks via the link i provided and PM me your username Smile

Anyways back to business: i usually use the article scraper that argo provides and scrape a few adult related articles to have some base text. For keywords i use the keyword scraper plugin from argo, or just choose one of the common big ones like "amateur sex" or "sex dating" as these drive lots of traffic if you can rank a site in that niche. I also use
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to check if the keyword is good or to find similar ones. Sometimes i build sites targeted only at one niche/keyword, others i build really broad. I do this because its harder to rank for a single high traffic keyword, but the traffic also converts much better. Sites with lots of different topics get more traffic, but its more "random", so you may get 1000 visitors but nobody buys anything, its more of a luck game. On targeted sites to single keywords on 1000 visitors you'd make at least 5-10 free signups and 1-2 sales on average (offten times even more). However since the broad traffic is also easier to rank, we add it to the mix. The more traffic the better..

Ok so once i got my keywords and base text i then use the internal spinner to spin the articles and argo will later generate new articles out of the scraped text for the blog posts (no need for extra services like spinnerchief or wordAI, it got own synonym databases and thesaurus support). This works perfectly to fool google and the sites stick and won't get banned. The tool can also add wp themes and plugins automatically so the blogs can really look pretty good, as if built manually.

Also remember that in the adult niche, pictures and videos are much more important than text - people who look for porn, don't want to read Wink !
So you see they are not interested in the text and so it doesn't matter that much if its spinned text that not always makes sense (although argo does a very good job in creating readable text with its pseudo-markov algorithm). Thats different on other niches, where text is one of the key factors to sell, this really doesn't count for adult and thats good for us. With argo we can create tons of blogs fast since once you have done the initial work of getting some "base" text and keywords, you can create many new sites that are thematically identical within minutes.

Typically i create the blogs with 20-100 posts, then send some backlinks and wait a while till google will index them. I sometimes also schedulle posts for years (argo can schedule posts at random times in the future) so there will be a new blog post every now and then without having to do anything. Its also worth to note that you should remove the date/time from wp posts, luckily there are a few free plugins that do exactly that and with argo you can easily install them automated on many blogs at once, so you can do that later too.. google favors up-to-date blogs so if there is no timestamp it won't label the site as outdated normally.

Then i also use the fast domain indexer that argo provides, it submits the url to some stats and whois sites that helps for indexing. It used to work really well, but nowdays that method doesn't work as good anymore. However you get some free extra backlinks that way and it does help with other search engines still to get discovered and also for google, so i still do it anyways, but you don't have to doesn't really matter i guess..

Basically then i just let them index naturally so it usually takes a few days, but sometimes they also index within the first 24 hours. You can use indexing services, but in this case i think that wouldn't be required. Ok now that you got your site(s), lets get to the next step.

I might add that i also offten cloak the blogs, so all traffic is directly sent to the affiliate landing page. If you need a solution i can hook you up with one of my cloakers, but not for free just fyi Wink You can also use the .htaccess cloaking from argo as it works well, or its JS cloaking plugin does the trick aswell for churn and burn if you want sites that stick i suggest using a more solid cloaking solution..well like i said PM me if you are in need hehe.. Its not required, but of course it increases leads/sales as the user doesn't have to click on your site first to get to the affiliate offer, but is directly sent there.

3. Get traffic

Ok if you have your sites up good, otherwise select some affiliate offers and get direct links to send the traffic to.

Now we have a few ways to get traffic, fast and slow and we will utilize both - SEO and paid traffic as that way we have a higher chance to get sales. If you only have a small budget, just $10 or maybe $20 once in a while are enough to get started! You won't see instant results, but you will get there! The more traffic you can buy, the better, but you don't have to! I will explain why later, now lets first continue.

Buy cheap adult traffic here:
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This is a really good and cheap network that sends real traffic from free tube and picture sites. You have many options for the traffic such as GEO location, browser or choose between mobile and desktop traffic etc. and most importantly - adult niches where the traffic is coming from!

Now there are 2 different types of traffic delivery "skimmed" and "pop-under".

The difference between those traffic types:

Skimmed traffic: say a user clicks on a picture, he will be redirected to your full page.
Pop-under: if a user clicks on a image your site will popup in the background as full page under the current page. so if the user closes the page he's on he will see yours.

Both traffic types work, but you need to do a bit of testing to find the best traffic for your niche/offer that converts best. Once you have that, purchase this type of traffic every now and then, because you will also get a ranking boost of your websites through buying this type of traffic, as suddenly tons of adult related websites link to your page. Googlebots will also notice that and give you a boost. Since these links are temporary it won't last, but when you look on your traffic stats you will see that after every time you bought traffic there will be a spike in natural google (and other SE) visitors aswell for the next few days!

This is the trick! Normally you would try to rank your site first, but with this boost you sometimes get lucky and your site shows up for some really good terms on page 1 for a few days and even if its just a few days, you still collect the users, so its worth it. Also you now have a chance to permanently stay there if you work on the SEO of your sites, or just keep creating new ones. By creating a PBN you can keep the sites up and if you additionally do linkbuilding campaigns they should last for a long time. I have sites up for years without getting them banned even if i promote them directly with xrumer and other tools. They may lose ranking after a while for high traffic terms, but still rank for longtails and thats enough to make sales.

Think of it even if the sites just get a handfull visitors a day, the more you have the more visitors will come and over time you will collect so many that you make daily income from them. The good thing about these argo blogs is that because its so easy to spit out new blogs, you can scale it up pretty fast and have hundreds of blogs. imagine if a blog gets worst case only 2 visitors a day, if you have 100 (remember you don't need 100 domains, you could have 10 domains and 90 blogs with sub-domains) you'd still have 200 organic visitors a day. Now if just 1% buys something you got 2 sales a day and that can be $100 already. Not to mention that if you use revenue share, then you get commissions from users that bought something again, even if they dont visit your sites anymore, but they are recorded in the network as your users! So you see there is a lot of potential to bank big + adult is the biggest niche out there and the oldest business in existence. This is something that will last your lifetime and thats not just some dumb phrase Wink i know people living from adult online marketing since the 90s so its for sure one of the safest ways to build up online income as other niches might just go away..just think about that pokemon shit now, you think you can bank from that in 10 years still? i highly doubt it, but adult? I bet my ass that the adult industry will be here in 10 years still and even in a 100 years! Humans won't get tired of sex anytime soon ;D

Well that being said, buying this traffic has also the benefit of getting real users to your offers instantly, that means in theory you can bank as soon as you start sending traffic and most of the time you will already see some returns. However don't expect magic at first unless you do good research and got some luck on your side. There is no foolproof way here, otherwise everyone would be doing it and i don't want to promise you unrealistic stuff! You have to watch your ROI here and do some testing what niches work best for your landing pages, since as you probably know each website performs differently and there is no magic way to say without simply testing it.

If you don't have a big budget take $10 and only send 2k of traffic from 2-3 niches, but you really have to be selective and make sure it matches your landing page niche and country! For example if your website is about "sex videos", then buy traffic from some tube sites and not porn pictures. If you do have some money to spend, you can use the "test system" the traffic network provides. it will send traffic to your landing page and messure perfromance and display results so you know what performs best for your site and get that traffic. i usually go for around 100k sending 1-2k an hour. Sometimes i also just do 10k when i want to see if its worth promoting a certain offer, since if you send 10k visitors and it doesn't convert, most likely the program sucks or they have a S***** lander. The landing page is key to convert the traffic, if its S***** you also get lesss signups, if its easy to signup and looks great then it likely converts better. of course its always good if there is some nude content on the lander to get the visitors excited to click!

By the way, when creating a traffic campaign under "productivity" i like to set the value: "50 and higher", but it also works with the standard value. This is simply the performance of the traffic that the network messured and 50 is traffic with higher click rates.

Also as extra bonus: remember that through buying this traffic, your affiliate cookie will be set, so even if the visitors don't buy anything now, they might buy something later! You can also make some good money on the side if you load amazon in an iframe, but be careful as amazon doesn't allow adult traffic, so you will have to use a decoy domain to blank the referrer!!

Beware of other traffic networks that frame the traffic as this type of traffic doesn't convert (sometimes cookies are blocked etc).. Trust me i've tested many networks that send adult traffic over the years and there are many shady ones. Offten times they just send bot traffic or you get hits to your site which are hidden from the users..

Anyways additionally for some extra boost in traffic and ranking you can promote your sites on social networks aswell, there are even some adult related ones.
This has the benefit of getting direct traffic and also makes your sites seem less "spammy" if they receive links from social networks aswell.

Another good method is to download free videos and watermark them with one of your urls, this also works for pictures by the way, there are plenty of adult picture sharing sites! This method is really common and you might have already heard about it (uploading vids/pics), but thats because it works, so i thought i'd mention it here aswell.

4. Misc

Last i want to add that it may take a bit of work initially, but once you have your network of sites this will become a steady source of income if you do it right!
When you have enough domains you can also create a PBN to push certain sites forward in the SERPs. Thats one of the main features of argo, creating a site network to interlink them to have "clean" links from related sites. This works for any niche and a few years ago before the big "payday update" that google rolled out, guess what some of the guys who ranked in the top 10 for "payday loan" used to rank? Yep PBN's created with argo content and SAPE, thats a fact Wink ..the payday update only stopped that niche though, PBN's still work fine as you can see as there is talk about them everywhere. I've been doing this before the term even existed. I started around 2001 doing that manually and later built some bash and PHP scripts to automate the task untill i've built argo content. I brought the idea up on bhseos.com and from there one of the first PBN services called FBN was created and nowdays there are tons of people offering this type of service. It still works fine, because google can't do anything about it. I mean how would you know which site is real and whichone just made to promote another site? Well sure if its stupidly done and every single post links to another domain maybe, but if its a standard website there is no way in telling unless you do lots of research and google can't do that type of research for every single website. So they use manual reviewers, but again if it looks like a normal website there is no telling that it is part of a PBN. Of course there are multiple ways to manually detect a PBN, but automated its not so easy, especially doing it accurately. maybe if someone registered all domains to his name, but even then, he could just happen to be the admin. Its not uncommon for some people to register hundreds of domains for customers, so how would google know who really owns the domain? Just use whois protection and you are fine. Many people are really paranoid in trying to hide their PBN's by using different servers, registrars for domains, even go as far as logging in via proxy to their wp installs, but i personally think most of it is overkill..i do the lazy approach and it still works fine since over a decade Tongue ..i just make sure the domains have whois protection and a new IP even though google claims they don't care about different IP's which would make sense since shared hosting offten has thousands of domains on the same IP. I just re-use some ip's for domains in different niches ..for example one domain is adult, the other pharma related.

So with this in mind create a site network for each main niche you target and you will be successful in making money! Just don't belive all the whitehat bullshit about copyscape and duplicate content, its not true. half of the web is duplicate content, even ex-head of webspam at google "matt cutts" said that 25% of the whole internet is duplicate content. There is no penalty if you re-use it, only if you copy a complete site 1:1 maybe ..think of linux man pages, thats the best example! how many mirrors exist for these and the text is even 1:1 the same on purpose, yet sites that mirror it don't get banned and rank.. so rewritten text is perfectly fine even if copyscape bitches..nobody in their right mind cares about copyscape (unless you use it to find copyright protected material like it was intended to) and certainly not google.

Ok ok enough hints, i hope this helps as i couldn't see all these bullshit "get rich without doing anything" tutorials anymore Wink

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