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Teespring, Penny Clicks and Gurus
I've been doing quite a bit of research into current Internet marketing
techniques, etc. before choosing the best options to get started with. I have a 16 year background in web development, SEO, etc. so a lot of this is familiar territory but a lot of the so called "guru" courses remind me of the old "envelope stuffing" scams that appeared in many publications prior to the web. When I see courses priced at $400 and up with tons of affiliate spins from just about every guru (and guru wannabe) shotgunned all over Facebook, it's all reminiscent of the "stuffing envelopes" ads. What is really surprising are the videos and materials in some of these courses. Some of the videos are unedited and amateur to the extreme, no transcripts and presenters who look like they haven't taken a bath in a week, buying their clothing from Goodwill. However, they make claims of thousands in sales, luxury homes in Thailand, etc. partying on beaches and only working a couple hours a day. Yet, what really cracks me up is some of these guys are sitting at a beach front cafe with a back pack and a laptop, appearing to live a rich man's life. I also have a home in Thailand and usually guys in there 20's and 30's with backpacks stay at cheap guesthouses. People with money have suitcases and stay in luxury hotels. Anyway, I'm getting off track, sorry.
I've done a lot of research recently into Teespring and have noticed that most campaigns seem to not meet their goals. The ones that do, have a huge amount of Likes on Facebook which may indicate that they're coming from well established FB pages with thousands of fans/likes. Which brings me to the next point, "penny clicks". I have created a new FB page and used the methods described by Chris Record and others to generate penny likes. Despite recommended demographic changes and multiple split tests, the lowest I've ever gotten is 6 cents per like. Curious to hear others experiences on this. I notice that some of the pages with 20k or more likes advertise t-shirts but I'm curious about the other methods these people are using to monetize their pages. Perhaps it's marketing to specific UID's rather than newsfeed posts, etc. It sometimes seems that in some of these courses, they give you the fluff at the top, enough to get you to buy a course but keep their real monetizing methods well guarded. Maybe I'm wrong but that just seems to be the impression I get.
With that said, I think there are some very professional people out there Like Kenster, etc. who really care enough to properly put together a course and sell it. I also like what Pat Flynn and Matthew Woodward and a few others distribute.
In my own experience, I started with Google AdSense. I monetized one of my websites in 2007 and was making $400 to $500 per month in AdSense revenue. These days, it's down to around $100 per month. I also have a passive income from other web related projects that are not Internet marketing. However, like Google AdSense, that is not entirely consistent either. I'm now looking at other methods of which there seem to be a lot to choose from, blogging, CPA, PLR, apps, etc. The discouraging part is that like everything else in this world, it seems like those who were first in, already have the big bucks and resources are the ones who are profitable. Everyone else is scrambling to catch up with $5 per day FB campaigns, etc. putting in much more time and getting much less out of it than a guy with a full time job.
I'm just curious to see what others think about all this. Maybe I'm off base on all this and perhaps a little jaded but continue to be optimistic and weed through the junk to find a few good resources. Thanks to everyone on GBH. Some really great people here!

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