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Tee Spring Journey to 100k ++
I have a team of 4 people. All have Der Respective IM Skills.
We try our luck over TeeSpring 4 yrs Ago.
We lost many time and $$ failed on many designs and huge loss on paid Ads.
I got many Courses From GBH Go througly on Every Course.
We Never Gave up. and the Final result was [Image: happy.gif] [Image: happy.gif]

On My Experience Just watch Current Trends :p n Result is Awosome : D

Note:-its very simple .. Everything available here .

[Image: 353452759af74ec8bd09fb82d5a51463.png]

Thread Edited Due To A scumbag Named
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Questioned me that i m fake ..
Read here what he said .

Quote:The OP is a known cracker here and the screenshot here I think belongs to someone else whom OP cracked into. Dont f**king fool around.

I dont know what his intensions are?.......selling Bots for teespring? lol.

Quote:insta and fb bots .......lol. You dont know what you are talking.This guy is a joke. Its fake written all over. 2 mill my ass.

Quote:Beg? I just asked you a question? I dont want any shit from you.
I asked that because you are a good cracker bud but why are are posting somebody else screenshot. Can you prove me wrong and be honest.Can you post the fb ad account spent for the last year?
I will be believe you.

My dear Friend i suggest you take a deep look in to my campaign then bark.

FB ADS We Spend On TeeSpring

[Image: 81aa09adc2c2444eb74f121cfa3a8238.png]

Inside TeeSpring Which Gives us Profits

[Image: 78e7296395414a5aaca85498eee7c0a6.png]
[Image: e1d34f1a0c1248e380148d45aee9c591.png]

The Tee Design Covert For Us Well

[Image: a1d9cf22ae724c67b9de6c39b93aa0d4.png]

The Gift We got From Teespringl

[Image: a50a140f35164f9bbeb291f9b26b1be1.png]

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