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[TUTORIAL] Creating your own mini-empire in less than one month!
Update 3/7: Please take the time to read through this entire thread. I know it's at 5 pages now (and I hope it continues to grow exponentially) but there have been some awesome questions, answers, and ideas from many different members. This is "real life" information, stuff that's actually working, and questions and answers to relevant product creation and marketing in the real world. It's not as flashy as that next WSO - it doesn't have a stellar sales letter - and there's no cute cat videos. But it's solid information you can actually use. Have a relevant question/comment/idea? Post it up, and let's discuss!
Alright BBHW, feeling like giving back again today and I had an idea - it will take a considerable amount of time to put all of this together, so I want to make sure there's some interest here before I actually go ahead with this project. Hopefully this isn't breaking any rules - just saving me hours upon hours.

Here was my thought: I know alot of you are still stuck in the "I don't have a list/product/offer" stage and can't find your way out of that rut. S***** place to be. So instead of posting up another method that would require alot of resources you may not have - this is my proposed gameplan (none of it's guaranteed, since I haven't done any of this ahead of time - it'll be like a live rolling journal).

I'm proposing that I start with no product, no list, and less than $200 starting capital. The end goal is within 30 days to have 4 full products published as well as a list of over 500 buyers - through this journey, we should also be able to recruit some solid affiliates, build up our credibility, and probably make a couple grand in the process.

The gameplan would be:
- Develop and release one product a week for four weeks. I'll go into brief detail about how I developed the product, etc. I don't want to spend more than 2 hours on product creation.

Golden Nugget: I've found when you're trying to do these blazing fast product creation methods, the best way is to actually write your sales letter BEFORE you create anything at all, and then use it as a guide to piece together the product. This is how I'll be developing the products.

- With no sales/reputation (I'll probably make a new account or something on WF) I'll take you through the steps to post a WSO, how to get reviews, how to get affiliates, etc.

- No upsells or anything at first, and probably have pricepoints under $20.

After one month (or 4 weeks, technically) the goal will be to have over 500 buyers on the list, a list of affiliates who work well with you, 4 complete products, and a modest profit (probably somewhere around $2k, but we'll have to see how it all goes).

Basically it'd be like giving you a blueprint for the foundation of something much bigger in online product creation.

If this is something the VIP area would be interested in seeing, let me know and I'll get everything together to get this project started in the coming couple of weeks. If you feel it's too basic/below ya, let me know that too, and I'll come up with a more advanced tutorial.

Just trying to figure out what people want, to avoid wasting everyone's time!

Peace out for now,

See y'all real soon.

-One Crazy Mofo-

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