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[Suggestion] Add Private section
I am sick of seeing all links go down after a few hours of members posting it.
The solution is how other sites do it, charge some amount to get upgraded status and make private sections,.
This way people won't be wasting time uploading the full course only to be taken down a few hours later.
Personally I will gladly pay $10-20 for this upgraded status.

I like to share content on this site, but as soon as I post it gets taken down,.

I see this PM notification every day asking me to reupload the course.

[Image: 8c45e36f38de4fa420908a3aa2999f5b.png]

This would be a huge help. Maybe charge less for known content contributors? Like say 50% off for people who contribute to the site.
Thanks for the feedback, I have been debating internally this for a while it doesn't help that we get a lot of contact emails on our forum enquiring about down links.
Once I do implement it, I'll send a mass email to let everyone know.

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