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[Strictly for VIP Only] Ads3n53 3xpl0it (Version 1 and 2)
Quote:Let me first preface this by saying Adsense changes all the time and workarounds need to be done. Although I cannot give up or speak about what I'm doing with Version 3, I can say that if you learn the techniques taught in the V1 and V2 tutorial videos and find those workarounds, you'll be able to make a lot of money. You need to consider the following after watching:

(1) use new campaign templates or at least make tweaks to what I show

(2) use new traffic platforms since the ones shown are compromised by Adsense and/or have caught onto the method

(3) figure out how to bypass monthly sweeps that Adsense will do on new accounts

(4) figure out how to scale the revenue per account into the x,xxx per day

You will want to take the core concepts of what these videos are about and apply them using your head. I don't wanna hear about defrauding advertisers or any nonsense like that. The quality is actual decent for them due to the retargeting of ads that many advertisers' implement. It's against Adsense ToS so if you're not comfortable violating that, please don't watch. You can and will get banned by Adsense. If that bothers you, please don't watch.

Having said that, Adsense can be circumvented day-after-day, month-after-month, the park is open 24/7, year after year. Just take what V1 and V2 are about and put your own spin on that shit.

Version 1:
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Version 2:
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P.S. Although the video talks about contacting me on Skype for consulting, that was directed to my old clients and does not pertain to this thread.

Credit goes to
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He isn't vip so i am posting this on his behalf. Smile
Thanks fo sharing this!!!!! Videos are missing tho.

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