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Site Flipping Guide. Easily Make Sites that make you $100 and then flip them for $500
This is a method that I will be selling as a WSO soon. So don't leak it anywhere or anything. For MMD members eyes only. This is newb friendly and international friendly and works like a charm.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Finding Your Niche

Part 2: Getting Your Website

Part 3: Setting Up Your Website

Part 4: Monetizing Your Website

Part 5: Flipping Your Site

Part 1: Finding Your Niche

The first step you’ll need to take is finding the niche you’ll want to focus your website on. There are literally millions of niches that you can use. To find a niche you’d be interested in making your site about, you’ll want to follow a few easy steps.

The first step is to go to Amazon.com. Once there you’ll immediately see dozens of products. Your goal is to find the products that are very popular, and that are being sold like wildfire. Luckily for us, Amazon nicely gives a list of the bestselling products in any given category.

Simply choose a category you’d be interested in creating your website about, and then look through the list of bestsellers. From here, simply think about the different types of niches you could make. Maybe you’d like to make a niche site all about Disney movies, or perhaps about a single movie. The possibilities are endless, and often the smaller the niche you focus your website on, the more profitable it will be for flipping.

[Image: 72919056.png]

As you can see the bestsellers list is on the right hand side of each category page.

Part 2: Getting Your Website

Once you have found a niche you’d like to focus your site on, it’s time to get a domain name. The exact name of your website is not a huge deal as long as it fits in well with your niche.

The best place to order your domain name is hands-down,
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. They offer a free whois guard, which is important to keep your privacy. They also offer a free SSL certificate with each domain as well. Because I’m so nice, I’m even going to let you in on a discount. Use the coupon “AUTUMNLEAVES” when ordering and you’ll receive a discount on your domain.

For hosting, one of the best services to use is
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. To save money, use their “baby plan.” You can also get your first month’s hosting for only a penny if you use the coupon “wordpress” when ordering.

So for under $10, you should have your first domain name ordered, and have your hosting arranged.

Or you can also use
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to host your site. Although it does cost $9 a month. You can get it for 50% off for life with the coupon “50offlife” without quote marks. Sharkspace is very reliable and always answers support tickets within 10 â€" 20 minutes which I find phenomenal. In my opinion its worth spending the few extra dollars and getting on Sharkspace.

Part 3: Setting Up Your Website

Installing Wordpress

If you’ve never made a website before then you’ll definitely want to use Wordpress for building it. Simply put, Wordpress is a content management platform that allows you to organize your content, install beautiful templates, and so much more.

To download Wordpress follow this link:

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For an easy to follow installation guide follow this link:

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It may seem confusing at first, but Wordpress has also created a forum to help those with problems installing Wordpress. If you run into a problem and need some help follow this link below:

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Once you’ve installed Wordpress it will be easy to manage all your content, and add the tools you’ll need to make your website ready to be flipped.

Installing A Theme and Plugins

Wordpress is wonderful to use because it allows you to add themes to your site easily. They made a simpl link on the left side of your dashboard to access the different themes you can add.

[Image: 40031357.png]

Simply click on “Add New Themes” and you’ll be able to sort through all the themes available. Once you decide on the theme you’d like to use click on the install button, and then activate the theme.

You can also get great themes at:


Installing Plugins

In order to make your site auto promoting and Search Engine Optimization'd, you’ll need to install a few plugins.

It’s a pretty straight-forward process to installing plugins. Simply click on the add new plug-ins link, and then enter the plug-ins you want into the search box that follows. Once you find the plug-in that you want, click the install button, and then activate the plug-in.

Here are the plug-ins you’ll want to use:
* AskApache 404 - Best 404 error page, uses AJAX.
* OnlyWire Multi Autosubmitter - Get traffic and backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites.
* Google XML Sitemaps - Generate XML sitemaps on the fly and submit them to search engines.
* HeadSpace2 - One of the best TWO Search Engine Optimization plugins + many other features (replaces many plugins)
* MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer
* Eli's PingCrawler - Automatically ping other blogs, when you post.
* Platinum Search Engine Optimization - Another of the BEST TWO Search Engine Optimization plugins.
* WP-affiliate - automatically create affiliate links inside your posts, or generate CB links for your keywords on-the-fly.
* Yet Another Related Posts Plugin - boost your pageview, works with RSS too.
* Delete Duplicate Posts (unlimited) - Delete duplicate posts, when you are fetching content.
* Sociable - Give your visitors options to submit your articles to bookmarking sites.
* Adsense Deluxe - O'course Adsense ads management.
* Autoblogged - The best Autoblogging plugin, in my opinion. Can generate content from various searches, as well as, add content from feeds.
* SynContent â€" Content Rewriter
All Plugins can be downloaded at :
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If this link goes down. Lemme know and I will re up the file.

You’ll need to transfer the files into the appropriate plug-ins folders if you wish to do a direct install using FTP.

If you have any problems installing your plugins you can find a helpful guide by following the link below:

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I have provided in the pack an autoblog plugin with a re writer. If you can't get that working you may want to choose another form of getting content. Here are some suggestions.

1. Outsource it to MicroWorkers.com or Mturk.com or Shortask.com you can get workers on there for darn cheap ( 0.40c articles ). Although you have to get them in batches it is a huge save on money.

2. Find an article and rewrite it. Scrape some things from EzineArticles.com and rewrite them or put them through a rewriter. A good rewriter that is free can be found at :
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3. Write content yourself. No explanation needed here really.

Part 4: Monetizing Your Website

Monetizing your site simply means setting it up to make money. You’ll already have two monetization methods to use on your site from the adsense plugin and the WP-affiliate plugin. I’m going to teach you another very profitable monetization technique.

Setting up CPA Lead

For our purposes you will be using CPA Lead to monetize your site. CPA lead is a program that makes visitors to your site take simple quizzes in order to access certain content. When they’ve completed the quiz you are paid by CPA Lead, and you’ll make around $0.30 each time a visitor completes a survey.

To sign up for CPA Lead follow this link:

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It’s important to state on your application that you want to use CPA Lead to earn money when users want to obtain your content. You’ll also want to have a decent amount of content on your blog before applying so you’ll be accepted.

Once you’ve been accepted go into the member’s area. There you can setup your first quiz widget. The best settings to use are a 5 second delay and to allow CPA Lead to choose your quizzes for you. In the widget area use this for your text:

Premium Content Area:

It seems that your IP has been triggered as a bot trying to leech content. Please fill in one of the following offers to verify that you are a human and continue to our content.”

Back on your blog’s dashboard, click on the “Editor” tab, under “Appearance”. Then open up the header.php file. Finally, paste the code you received from CPA Lead into the file.

Setting Up Micro-Workers

The next thing you’ll want to do is go to microworkers.com. Create an account, and deposit $10 into it. Once that’s taken care of you’ll want to create a project for international users.

Here is a sample template you can use for your project:

(Make sure you change it around a little before posting it.)

* Title: Visit my site and post a comment. Only 2 takes 2 minutes
* What is needed to be done: Thanks for your interest in my micro job. Just simply go to
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and pick any blog post. Leave a relevant comment on any post ( Only has to be 2 lines!!! ) and I will pay you 10c for your work.
* Required Proof: Use the same name as your Microworkers name in your blog comment and link me to the post where you commented.
* Campaign Targeting: International
* This task takes less than 3 minutes to finish
* Avaliable positions â€" Depends on how much you deposited. Go for around 100. Although Microworkers does have fees. So go for around 80-90 which is around $10 worth.
* Worker will earn 0.1 USD

Submit your project once you’re done.

If you’re an American User, you can also use mturk.com to gain more workers, and earn more from cpalead.com.

Now you will have people not only visiting your blog, but also filling out a quiz for you, and leaving a comment. You’ll make around 30 cents - $1.50 from each person and spend only 10 cents. Although that’s not a big margin, you’ll be making $30 - $150 revenue per 100 workers. This is great because you’re site is now worth at least $200 and for the most part its worth over $500 as CPALead earning sites are in high demand at the moment. It’s now time to flip it.

Part 5: Flipping Your Site

By now you’ve been making some decent money with your website. Now that it’s made some money you can flip your site and cash in.

The single best place to sell your website is Flippa.com. It costs $19 to sell your website, but you’ll have already made that much in profits from CPA Lead. On Flippa you’ll be able to sell your site for much more than you could at most other sites.

When selling your site it’s important to make your listing as appealing as possible to potential customers. You’ll want to make a catchy headline that will attract potential customers to your listing.

Your actual listing should focus on how your site is making money for you on near autopilot. Potential customers are looking for great investments that they can profit from. Never make any untrue statements in your listing either.

Lastly, you’ll want to put a Buy it Now option that is slightly higher than the amount you want to sell the website for, and set your listing length for 1-2 weeks. Buy now is usually for this type of site 5 months revenue or so.
Soon you’ll start receiving questions about your site, and the right buyer will come along.

Transferring Your Site

Once someone does buy your website you’ll want to transfer the domain and files over to them quickly. The first step is to start the domain transfer.

Here is a guide that goes over the basic process of transferring your domain name.

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The next step is to transfer the files of your website to the person who bought your site. Here is a guide that goes over the process of transferring a Wordpress blog.

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You’re done!

As you can see this process is really easy to follow and can be very profitable when done right. Follow the steps you’ve learned in this guide and you too will be able to start flipping sites for huge profits.

Remember that these sites earn on autopilot and update content on autopilot. They also do a lot of their promotion on autopilot. Which means that you can set say 10 up a week. And make thousands. Then set up another 10 and continue to do so.

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