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Road to $100k in 6 Months [$33k/$100k so far]
Previously, I posted a
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about BTC and Exchanging for profit [15% per trade basically]

Im up to $33k atm in BTC. Mainly due to the recent BTC Fluctuation. Hopefully it doesnt tank anytime soon!

Anyways, my goal is to get to $100k in the next 6 months from the method. Then i'll cash out and invest in some property for a more stable return.

Progress Report
TOTAL SO FAR: Around $37.5k
START From previous trades : $32k
5th June - Made $1140
6th June - 14th June - Made $4578 Profit

Will update as often as I can. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Made almost $5k from the 5th June til now.
As i've received a Boat load of PM's, I just dont have the time to answer them all.
So, New Offer for Serious folks only:
FREE Coaching by me. I'll answer all your questions and help you with any issues.
Price: FREE, Except you will need to a. signup via my affiliate link b. Start with a Minimum of $1,000 and Be willing to trade on a regular basis. This should weed out people taking up alot of my time with low level trades and whatnot. Hope you understand. To get started, simply signup via my aff link, and PM me your Name [FIRST NAME .INITIAL] Thank you.

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