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Reality of Google Adsense - Ban You For No Reason!
If you guys have been monetizing your website using only Google Adsense, I warn you, you will get banned anytime. There is a big problem with Google Adsense program is that when there is invalid clicks, click bombing, etc.. Google will disable your adsense account and ban it, then they will send a email to your email account that your adsense banned is being blocked due to invalid clicks.

While in other hand, if you are the kind of making lots of money using Google Adsense, especially 4-5 figures, Google Adsense team will manually review your website if you violate any of their TOS, they will ban your Google Adsense account. Once your Google Adsense account is banned, you are banned for life, unless you are able to move your house, this is from my real experience.

I have seen before a lot of Google Adsense marketers got banned for nothing at all and blamed for posing risks for the advertisers. They are earning recurring income of $9000+ and got banned. This is the problem with Google Adsense! They ban you because you earn too much money and send you a email that your adsense account pose a risk for the advertisers so that disable your account, which is very unfair for us as publishers.

I know you are wondering why you got banned if you earn too much money from Google Adsense

Look here how it works, Google is the middlemen

Advertisers gives 100% money to -> Google takes (68%) -> Google Gives 42% of money to you

If advertisers don't convert the ads into sales, they will stop advertising and Google will lose money. Google banned 2 million Google adsense accounts so far! This prove how crap Google Adsense is. I have also read a report that Google Adsense has banned approx 70-80% of the publishers during year 2012-2013, this proves that you CANNOT use Google Adsense as your only income online!

If anyone here are still using Google Adsense as their only way to make money online, I recommend you to switch to affiliate marketing as it is more worth and more money made.

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