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Personal Experince
Hi everyone, just want to express something in here which can make genuine money.

I was hired by someone in california and started his business for something on eBay for 1 year I done everything required for his business, I even visited china to gather knowledge and information for this company's product, with eBay I make things ready like Amazon and other relevant plateformw with a website.

After 4 years of service the company revenue was crossed about $2.1 Billion as I presenet myself in an annual report infact when I joing it was 100k per anum i remeber in 2010.

I was not paid enough so I left and now I am started my own business with very limited invesment, this is a huge business and orders are not less than $1000 to $5000, for establishing this I am looking for an investor for which I can work on partnership basis. also there needs to be import products from china which I know how to get and where from.

By the way its a Marketing and Sales for communication cables and I know how to work and start with this business, I have planty of genuine leads, and a quality team.

Just want to know about people thoughts about who can advice better.

[email protected]$!r

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