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PBN - Help

I've followed the course of OMG machines and Alex Becker ROI.

So I've created my first 3 money sites. I bought expired domains as my money sites. I thought I found like a good one with a pr2 for 5 dollars. Site was indexed all good. The site was about a bank to deposit money or something, and I wanted to make it a more mind related site (site =
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). So I bought all my articles, wrote a few my-self etc. I bought around 10 other expired domains to rank to my money sites. (+- 300 dollars)

I started linking but after 1 month nothing had happend with the bank site. It was only on the 3rd place in google if for the keyword "firstinvestbank" in google.. but nothing for my keywords. I first putted up social media accounts and sended backlinks with GSA to them. Then I started building links with my pbn.. So after 1 month nothing has happend to the site..

Now I log in today and I see it isn't even anymore indexed.. and all my PBN sites that linked to that site are also deindexed.. so what should I do now?

I did some research and the old domain that was a pr2 that I bought has some scam reports on it.. maybe this is why it got deindexed suddently? But all my PBN sites are also deindexed that linked to it however, the site was never even ranked for any keyword ?? Not even in top 1000 after 1 month.. So how come it is suddently deindexed if [Reported by Members as SPAM THREAD] ever visited it ??

I don't know what to do now, remove all links ? I don't have any more money left.. i'm almost 1 year in IM and only lost like 2500 dollars and didn't earn anything or even was able to rank a site above position 25.. I don't know what i'm doing wrong.. I follow every guide to the letter..

Are my Deindexed PBN sites now worthless ? or should I remove all the content on it.. and just make websites of them about general themes like health, with content without links until they reindex ? I really don't know anymore.. my parents say I should stop this shit, that i'm wasting all my money and i'm not able to do it.. I thought this time i did everything right..

For my other money sites.. it is funny because before my pbn's were deindexed.. my pbn's where ranking higher than my money sites for some keywords.. so that is quiet annoying to.. i've got more traffic due my pbn than due organic search for the keyword I wanted to rank for. I don't understand it.. I guess, I will just retry the whole process again.. and see if it happens again.. but first I need to finish school and start doing some stupid jobs in the weekend to get money to pay for a new PBN.. hopefully one day I will be able to rank a website..

Some help would be greatly appreciated thanks!


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