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One small step for man One giant leap for me
This is my first thread I have started so i hope that I have put it in the right spot and began it right. We i just wanted to thank all the people here on the forum for all the wonderful information and shares I have put together my web design and marketing business based on what i have learned from all of you here . There was one thing here or there that was always missing that I needed to put me over the top to finally bring everything together . i was making money but not as much as i felt i could/ should be making . But the recent share of ROI Optimization have brought everything together for me . My business was in place but with not enough customer or funds to advertise like I should it was lacking. using the share of ROI Optimization i was able to rank for all of my terms in under a week on the first page . This lead to a influx of customers and i ranked all of them for seo and offered other services i learned here like rep. management , setting up G+, Facebook , Twitter , ETC .I always had the services to offer but with out ranking on the first page no one knew, now I have so many customers that I am in the process of hiring some outsourcers to cover them all. I also purchased the ROI optimization program from Alex becker bc i felt it only right since it was such a high key to my success. I just wanted to say my peace and thank all of you for having this wonderful community.

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