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On my way to get IM going, fulfilling the dream being self employed.
Will start this thread to write down my own IM journey as a newbie IMer.

Something to get me on being in track and since i will be going mostly the whitehat way( link building for my point of wiev is not whitehat Big Grin but that will be the thing i will do and maybe some blog network stuf).
I will post about the tools i use, the pluggins and methods.

Also will share earnings screenshots.

I'll go into the affiliate marketing, for the beginning. Later on when i'm ready to launch my own product ( so called physical item and also digital one ). Will be showing off those well ( earnings i mean ).

Affiliate ones , i'll be dealing with Amazon , mabe Clickbank ( maye with something else ).
Have just been finishing up my marketing plan, since well you need to habe a goal set. Otherways it is sort of pointless.
One of the websites is soon to be ready. The launch date is 20.05 ( due the overlapping export plan - and website developing courses.. what do take a bit time. Plus developing a website for my mom, who needs it for her offline business.

A lot is on the plate, at least it pushes me forward.!


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