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Nearme App Business Listing Journey
I am starting a new journey thread to build credibility and have track record of what I am doing. It's important for you to know that the idea I have here is worth nothing, it's crap and so many people has tried it before but only consistency, support and opportunity can add it up to make this journey a happy ending. Which is also why I decide to share it publicly, for other reason to find right business partner that have the same passion, integrity, strength as much as I am.

Business Listing for Mobile Application only, Website maybe will be built later in the long run but for now will be focused on Mobile on specific and targeted countries.


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Thinking of buying it? No need, if you'd like to purchase this other version of that app above from same developer below, I am willing to give you the script I purchase, help you install with TeamViewer and provide you their updates if any. Lol yeah. Check the other version below

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This developer have S***** support so I suggest in long run, you'll have to find a developer to migrate your application for better but for starter, this app is not bad and have the job done for validating the idea. Just PM me if this is a right deal for you, I am not gonna purchase the other version so soon, have to focus on my current one.

But to make it clear, I want to combine, merge those two version above because in one version, it allows users to participate in adding new places while the other version (that I haven't purchased) relies on Google Places API to populate categories and places in the APP, so in my point of view that having both is better.

Lean Startup + MVC

Google Map, Google Places (Google My Business), Instagram, Path, Facebook.

  • Competitor is having too much feature and have different focus from my basic idea [CHECKED]
  • User(s) are spreaded and not centered in one application to complete the tasks [CHECKED]
  • Competitor works globally and only focusing to popular place(s) while the idea is focusing in all aspect in certain targeted countries. [CHECKED]
  • We are expecting one full month of people trying to get food and hanging out with friends for validation and promotion (Until July 2016) [CHECKED]
  • Popularity for the idea is still not familiar, so embedding the mindset to user(s) into using the app and brand for particular idea(s) is pretty much doable [CHECKED]
  • Literally everyone in the targeted countries at least now already have their own Smartphone, be it Android or iPhone [CHECKED]

  • Introducing to businesses about free promotion from using the APP and how it is better than competitor(s)
  • Populating the app with organic installs
  • Finding developer for next feature(s) development
  • Having people to have our App stays in their phone alongside other Social Apps (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Etc)
  • No Ads Promotion during MVC, testing the idea into Paid Ads after the idea gets more validation

I have thought of expanding the idea into making deals and promotions with businesses, capability of letting them running events publicly and users may run private events by adding friendship and privacy features, also PRO Users came into mind for listing enhancement. This may only happen if the journey get to growth milestone.

  • Bookmark it
  • Decide if this is your thing, and contact me so we can talk about becoming business partner
  • Follow the Journey
  • Want to buy the other version of the app to save the money from buying both like me? PM Thanks!


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