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[NO NAME YET] IM Product Launch Experiment: Nov-Dec016
As it is said above, i will try to rank for a product launch. All my steps will be documented. Launch is in about 2 weeks. I got an EMD.

I wont tell you exactly what i do - that will come later when the experiment is over!

So wish me luck!

My Goal is to make $500 by spending less than $50!

As of Dec 8th:

Expenses: $50
Profits: $281

[Image: cool.gif]

My Actions:

1. Bought a ProductReview.com domain. Used profit builder plugin to build a pre-sales page. Wrote an article of about 500 words.

2. Bought social signals: FB, Tw and G+.
3. Made Medium and Rebelmouse articles and linked them to my domain. Bought some blog comments from blackhatlinks that went to medium and rebelmouse.
4. Bought bookmarks from BHlinks to my domain.
5. Bought a fiverr gig -
6. Bought a PR4 backlink from LinksManagement (DO NOT USE THEM - I found out how they scam people) - got refund from them. ([they dont usually give refunds])
7. Made a video and linked it to my domain.

That's about it.

I will see what was the fiverr gig and will tell you where i got my signals from.

I think this is about all....if i remember more, will post here.

[Image: cool.gif]


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