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This are the current badges we are about to release and be updated on our badges list.
The Trusted status badges somehow SUCKS and will be replaced with the Exec Badges instead.
[Image: exec.gif]

My current respected badge will be removed on my account but instead it will be distributed to among deserving members who have been great help to GBH especially inside our VIP section.
(To avoid the lot of inquiry, we are finalizing the requirements or standards so members will just aim for it)
This is how it looks like:
[Image: respected.gif]

There is also a new additional badge for our BSO sellers, this is for us to distinguish and be aware that they are a developer or seller of this forum, i am sure this will encourage more sales on their sales thread.:[Image: salesman.gif]

and this is for the GB starter:
[Image: groupbuy.gif]

Take note that i am not a good designer, and i've been working with this for the past few weeks since the one supposed to work with this had abandon or was still away. Since i know the urgency, and so others would be aware and also i am opening this thread so that this will be open for IMPROVEMENTS, SUGGESTIONS, etc.

If you can design or improve the badges more better, i would really appreciate it. Just post it on this thread. Thanks.


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