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My noob Internet marketing journey !!
Hello pro IMs and hackers and crackers and nerds geeks and awesome thick grey matter people I have been part of this community for good 2 months now . I want to kick start a journey in IM.

Today I would like to officially start off my journey and I would like to take help from people who are here for a long time.

My knowledge about IM is

I am Level one NOOB :

I know to buy domains Tongue

I know to host :

I can build a decent WP websites.

I can create logos for websites.

I understand social media marketing techniques : FB marketing youtube marketing.

I understand bit of SEO .

Kindly help me what else I need to learn to step up with my learning skills.

This is my 2 months learning here from GBH

Hope this journey will help others who are of my lvl here and are catching up.

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